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I have spent some time paying attention to Obama and Trudeau even though I typically find the news about politics not very interesting.  Slowly…I am starting to think that it might not be the politics that is boring but the news shows themselves that are boring.

Way too many times I come accross “attention grabbing” headlines about the latest dramatized thing that has happened in politics and if I watch or read the news about it I am left with a bad taste in my mouth.

So…now I just watch the videos of speeches or interviews with the politicians.  After all I don’t have much use for hearing about people those the filteres and opinions of someone else that is essentially at a lower level.  It just distorts the message.

On top of all that, it seems that most times, the person doing the reporting just doesn’t get what the speaker is talking about… seriously they just don’t get it.  To me, it’s kinda weird, but at the same time it makes sense.  However I think too many people believe what they read in a newspaper or hear through one persons opinion.

Many years ago I had a boss, Tom, he would frequently say to people its not the point its the principle.  Over the last 20 years I have really come to realize that by living by good, solid principles is the best way to do things.  After all a point is nothing more than a jab at somebody and a principle is a guiding light.

To make this a little more clear, take a look at these speeches from Barack Obama and Justin Treadeau and what do you really see as the principles in their speeches?  Let me know in the comments of this post.


When are you gonna start doing what you want?

When are you gonna start doing what you want?

Warren Buffett has a few things to say about it.  And he will probably have you laugh while learning from his wisdom.

Things that Warren Buffett looks for when he hires people…

  1. Intelligence
  2. Initiative
  3. Integrity

And he says, if you don’t have the third one, the first two will hurt ya.


The 5 Steps To Success

I am reading Ray Dalio’s book and am thankful to find a book with well laid out processes for various principles in life…hence the name of the book is Principles.

Once of the principles he talks about in his book is the 5 Steps to Success.  I myself have had some great successes, both short and long term and also had some great failures.  I have spent some time looking back at them both and wondered what exactly it was that made one success and the other great.  Sometimes, basically setting a goal and then getting there no matter what was enough….one of the longest goals I set for myself took 4 years to achieve.  It was absolutely an amazing feeling when I achieved the goal.  It is one of the best things on my track record of success.

Once I achieve that goal, I essentially set a new one and did it in about 1.5 years.  And that was very rewarding as well.  It was one of those things that I knew I could do better then the people I have seen do it, so I decided to do it and did it very well.

Then, on the other hand, I have had some big failures, even on things I have worked at for years.  I have reflected on these and have come up with a few things I could have done differently and it would have worked out differently.  In other words, I could have succeeded, but I let the obstacle get in the way and didn’t figure out or take the time to figure out how to remove the obstacle, or what the next thing to do would be to keep things going in the right direction.

So, for me, reading this book about principles and learning Ray Dalio’s process for success helps, because it seems like it is a process he has refined over many years and used to deal with many challenges.  The more I think about it I realize that many parts of it are very similar to teachings by Tony Robbins, and others.  However the step by step part of it is unique to me and I am going to use it as a process for starting on new challenges and on working through the new challenges as well.

The steps are:

  1.  Set Clear Goals
  2. Identify and Don’t Tolerate Problems
  3. Diagnose the Problem to the Root Causes
  4. Design a Plan for Eliminating Problems
  5. Do What Is Set Out in the Plan

This type of stuff I have seen many business owners use and myself included, more on a being creative to solve an issue and move forward level.  Which essentially fits in with all the steps.  That being, a company sets out a goal and then starts on the path to achieving it.

I suppose the list of 5 steps might seem simplistic, however sometimes big things happen and emotions run high and it is easy to make a quick decision then days later realize it was not the best decision to make.

The book goes into good detail about each step and is very usefull in providing essentially a thinking process about how to best move through eat step and get the best result.

In case you want to check out the book, here is an affiliate link, which if you purchase from it, will help to support this blog.

If you want to be successful, do this first.

In Ray Dalios book his talks about the difference between left brained thinkers and right brained thinkers.  As you might already know, right brained thinkers are considered to be creative people.  And Ray also says that if you put a left brained person with a right brained person they will frustrate each other.

So i would first figure out if you are left brained or right brained and then find a successful person to mentor you or to learn from that is the same type of thinker as you are.

And Tony Robbins has said that 80% of Entrepreneurs are Artistic, then if you are creative you are more likely to be a successful Entrepreneur.  And I think you should spent a lot of time with creative successful people… it will more likely be a good fit and easier and more fun to learn from.


Surround yourself in this

The wise successful people keep saying that it is very important to carefully select the people you associate with, your friends and family.  I have learned to pay careful attention to people and their energy.  Some people just seem to have good or even amazing energy and others the opposite.

I pay very close attention to this now, on a daily basis.  And I have gained some benefit from spending more time with good energy people.  There is a lot to be said about going to events as well, where everyone has good energy, such as personal growth seminars, business events etc.  The energy in the room will no doubt get into you when you are at these events.

Then there is also the advice from the very successful, to read a lot of books.  This I have started to do more and more over the last year.  And it definitely has changed my perspective on a lot of things in life and it has also resulted in different types of conversations with some people I know.  In particular, business owners.  Many times people will communicate about issues they have or are contemplating a decision about a current situation.  Being able to give good advice…based on leadership from the top success leaders in the world is a valuable resource to be knowledgeable about and providing others with that advice is a great thing to do.

Those are some of the benefits of surrounding yourself with books by successful people and watching videos by successful people as well.

Some of the people I have been into lately is Ray Dalio and Jack Ma.  One of the most fascinating things in Ray Dalio’s is that he says that when you put a left brained person with a right brained person they will frustrate each other.  So much for opposites attract!

As far as business goes I recommend Eban Pagan, Ray Dalio, Jack Ma, Tony Robbins (business mastery is great).  In particular, for the modern vision to technology and how a business is successful with it Eban Pagan and Jack Ma are very good at providing insights about it.  For business principles Tony Robbins and Ray Dalio provide a lot of insight into how principles work in any business.

As Jack Ma says, when he was growing up he would hear certain things from his parents, friends and school then what he heard from Western Tourists in China.

In this world, we are either producers or consumers.   Producers make money and consumers give their money and attention to producers.

Surround yourself with Producers and you will become one too!

I am still hooked on watching this

This guy is great…Jack Ma.  After watching a bunch of youtube videos of this talks and hearing his personal story and business start up story I am now fascinated by him.

Today I am checking out another Jack Ma video to get my fill and I found one of him interviewing Arnold…nice.

Here is the video:

There are many similarities in Arnold’s story and Jack’s story.  I admire them both.

Some principles from this video:

Never be afraid to fail, just get up and do it again.  It is those that can fight through the pain and agony that are successful.

Its better to learn from mistakes.

You can’t know it all.

I keep this principles in mind as I grow my business Decato Agency.

3 out of 4 people you meet are hungering for this one thing!

I am a big fan of Dale Carnegie… and I have to admit, me just saying that has made me think about how I don’t like it when people are “fans” of some things.  So, I am going to rationalize this thing as being a fan of something good is good and being a fan of something not good is not good.

Anyhow, back to Dale Carnegie.  I have a friend with a business and sometimes I irritates me a bit that he seems to have sympathy for somethings where I don’t think he should.  It seems like it holds him back from achieving a business goal or life goal some times.  When this negative feeling comes up for me in those situations I was tending to think what he was doing is not what needs to be done…but I know I have to reflect on it more, cause maybe it was just me wanting some sympathy and seeing it given to someone else made me jealous lol.  Only really after reading the Dale Carnegie book and coming accross a certain sentence in the book have I admitted that I was wrong in my thinking on my buddy having to much sympathy.  And now I even realize that I probably love sympathy!  wow.  I finally admit it.  Apparently this is a pretty common thing to love sympathy cause even in  (affiliate link, if you buy this book, you will be supporting this blog) Dale Carnegie says “three fourths of the people you will ever meet are hungering and thirsting for sympathy.  Give it to them and they will love you.”

Being as I have a lot of respect for Dale Carnegie, because of reading his book, watching his videos, and from mentions by very successful people the two sentences above speak to me very load and clearly.

And this helps me to figure out what was going one when I have seen people not want to give someone sympathy, they reacted to the person expressing a need for it as an act of weakness.  However, as I have learned, vulnerability is power, so maybe the people that didn’t want to give sympathy didn’t feel loved, didn’t know how to love, or needed sympathy themselves, or maybe they just felt helpless at the time.  It seems to me, that it was something like that anyway.

So I guess I will have sympathy for the person that can not give sympathy as well and hopefully (fingers crossed) the would be a good way of leading them into a better way of doing things.  And I have to admit, I was not much better myself when I didn’t like my buddy giving someone else sympathy cause I probably just wanted it myself too lol.

This has become a good lesson for me, and I look forward to being more sympathetic in the future, and see what happens from it!

In case you want to purchase the book and support this blog…here is an amazon link to the book.

One small thing that will help increase the rank of your website

One of the things I do constantly is build links to my websites.  One of the simplest ways to do this (and make it pretty much automatic) is to start your own personal blog and have a link to your business website in the side bar.

Then, with each time you create a post on your personal blog a new page is created on the internet and that page automatic has a link to your business website.


I wish every small business owner would watch this video

Jack Ma is quickly becoming one of my favourite small business teachers.  I find his business advice very useful for small business owners.  He openly admits that his company has made mistakes along the way, and says its a good thing as it is part of the learning process…and the path to success.

Take a look, its well worth the time to watch.

A Jack Ma Quote from this video:  “Hire people to work on the vision you agree on together.”  And Ma also says that the world is changing from standardization to personalization.

This I agree with and will keep in mind while growing my business, Decato Agency.