The game is different than Simon Sinek thinks it is

I recently had a conversation with a friend about how kids are different today then they were 20 years ago.  This is a frequent topic amoung parents.  Is this a millennial thing or just another case of different generations thinking the new generation is doing it all wrong and vice versa.

I think there are somethings that are different and those things are defintely huge differences.  For instance, people make a big deal about tinder being an instant date type thing, however I remember going on mirc (an internet chat room) 20 years ago and that chats resulted in lots of in person dates.  Often these chats involved an exchange of pictures as well.  So, definitely tinder made it more instant to exchange the pic…really it is not that much different.

Where it comes down to the big difference is we are all walking around with what used to be a home computer…but in our pockets.  And this home computer in our pockets is using the infinite game mentality (more about that in the video).  So at any time we are bored we just pull a computer out of our pocket with an infinite amount of entertainment, movies, games etc.  We now have this at our disposal whenever we want and wherever we are.

The pocket computer is changing how we do many things things and made us capable of working remotely…dating remotely…banking remotely etc.  And I have to admit that I am liking using an app to order something to have it ready when I arrive so that I don’t have to wait in line, or wait for them to make it and also I get to skip saying no to an upsell attempt by a cashier.  So I can get on with what I am doing with less distractions because of my pocket computer.

At the same time there are also things being pumped into my pocket computer and trying to get my attention and keep me distracted all day.  In fact, I could literally be distracted on my phone all day very easily.

So, more than anything, the pocket computer gives us lots of potential power and also the potential to loose power and people have to get used to dealing with it…or better yet… learning how to keep their power by saying no to many requests for our attention which inevitably are just distractions and a waste of our time.

If I was to go to starbucks and interac with the cashier I would likely enjoy the interaction except…they don’t know me and are going to be doing the customer service thing the company promotes which ends up seeming really fake after a 20 times.  So, I would rather use the app, cause it keeps it real.

It could very well be that so much of the new stuff in business is all about interacting online that our skillset is moving into that more and more and we are skipping the real world interactions just because thats were business is going.

So, to Simon Sineks point…I see some merit in what he is talking about with the millennials, however, if the same millennials started documenting their lives and their journey and share it with their other millennial buddys this would likely turn into a growth thing all by itself.  And these people might actually have a business developed out of it in the same way Simon himself has.

I disagree with Simon on parts of this issue… cause it is likely that the leaders that are baby boomers are not fully utilizing Facebook and instagram themselves to lead the millennials, and that is a big miss on the leaderships part…and to prove this point more…their are plenty of millennials who are leading using instagram.



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