The day after reading the 7 habits

So I have been reading more and more books lately and I have to admit that as I am reading more I am actually sort of getting used to reading more just like how going to the gym at first is a pain in the ass and then later on becomes something you just want to do every day.  The same thing is happening with reading books.

I have to admit that I was skeptical when watching Tai Lopez’s talk about reading lots of books.  Seemed kinda like ya right, don’t need the books, I can just do all of it myself.  However, I am pretty sure that was just a bad attitude of mine because after reading a lot more books I am drawing connections between them all and it is also giving me this impact:

  • reminder of principle focus
  • reminder to stay focused
  • keeps the noise of life from taking over my mind
  • its rejuvenating
  • increases my knowledge
  • can relate to what the top leaders are referring to when they talk about something in a book

And I have to add to that list and mention that it gives me a “common ground” as a lovely lady I know says.

So I have google play books on my phone for when I go chill in the park and like to read.  And now that I have read the 7 habits of highly effetive people I need to keep reading more, while at the same time implenting the golden nuggets I got from the books I already read.

As I have read more and more I am now turning into one of those people that is bookmarking the parts I really like.  Its a change from doing it in a book form to on my phone or laptop but I am sure I will get used to it at some point soon.

At the same time, I pretty much want to keep a book myself of the things I really gained from each book, so that I can review them later, efficiently and effectively.  That by itself is probably a good idea for a book or ebook.

Anyhow as I read more and more I am seeing how it benefits me more and more and essentially helps to keep my mind going in the right direction.  Because with all the noise out there in the world, coming back to principles or always staying with them is important for each persons success.

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