The 5 Steps To Success

I am reading Ray Dalio’s book and am thankful to find a book with well laid out processes for various principles in life…hence the name of the book is Principles.

Once of the principles he talks about in his book is the 5 Steps to Success.  I myself have had some great successes, both short and long term and also had some great failures.  I have spent some time looking back at them both and wondered what exactly it was that made one success and the other great.  Sometimes, basically setting a goal and then getting there no matter what was enough….one of the longest goals I set for myself took 4 years to achieve.  It was absolutely an amazing feeling when I achieved the goal.  It is one of the best things on my track record of success.

Once I achieve that goal, I essentially set a new one and did it in about 1.5 years.  And that was very rewarding as well.  It was one of those things that I knew I could do better then the people I have seen do it, so I decided to do it and did it very well.

Then, on the other hand, I have had some big failures, even on things I have worked at for years.  I have reflected on these and have come up with a few things I could have done differently and it would have worked out differently.  In other words, I could have succeeded, but I let the obstacle get in the way and didn’t figure out or take the time to figure out how to remove the obstacle, or what the next thing to do would be to keep things going in the right direction.

So, for me, reading this book about principles and learning Ray Dalio’s process for success helps, because it seems like it is a process he has refined over many years and used to deal with many challenges.  The more I think about it I realize that many parts of it are very similar to teachings by Tony Robbins, and others.  However the step by step part of it is unique to me and I am going to use it as a process for starting on new challenges and on working through the new challenges as well.

The steps are:

  1.  Set Clear Goals
  2. Identify and Don’t Tolerate Problems
  3. Diagnose the Problem to the Root Causes
  4. Design a Plan for Eliminating Problems
  5. Do What Is Set Out in the Plan

This type of stuff I have seen many business owners use and myself included, more on a being creative to solve an issue and move forward level.  Which essentially fits in with all the steps.  That being, a company sets out a goal and then starts on the path to achieving it.

I suppose the list of 5 steps might seem simplistic, however sometimes big things happen and emotions run high and it is easy to make a quick decision then days later realize it was not the best decision to make.

The book goes into good detail about each step and is very usefull in providing essentially a thinking process about how to best move through eat step and get the best result.

In case you want to check out the book, here is an affiliate link, which if you purchase from it, will help to support this blog.

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