This is good

It might seem crazy but there are definitely things that affect us in sooo many ways and most people don’t realize it.

Here is a perfect example of this.  Steve Jobs shared his top 10 songs he listened to.  I will make a bet that if you listen to all the songs it will change your state of mind, have you having different feelings and wanting to do different things then what you did before you listened to the songs.

Day 001 Part 2 – It gets better

This post is part two of my first post on Day 001.  If you haven’t read it, you can read it here.

As I get into Ed Dales Challenge…this quote from his book strikes me…

A survey undertaken by Professor Amar Bhide documented in his book Origin and Evolution of New Business surveyed 3500 successful startups and asked this simple question: “Was the idea you started out with, the idea that made you successful?” 93% of the survey respondents said… NO!!!

If this doesn’t hit you to get out and start something and then let something else happen than I don’t know what will.

So my idea to start a pure marketing business simply being established businesses that are innovative to a new market I think is good…and it could turn into something else, chances are it will.

This means to me…just do it!  And everything you do should turn into gold….but don’t take my word for it…