The next evolution is near

Today I went to work with a buddy.  And to my surprise some of the stuff he brought up to talk about was very interesting to me.  As I have had to overcome a bunch of mistakes I have made in the past, I have been looking for the solution or the way to recover, come back and make the best out of it all as efficiently as possible.  This has lead me to spend a lot of time reading and watching videos in the so called self help arena.

What I have learned is that there are a lot of emotions or things we as people go through in life.  For a long time, I really didn’t pay attention to any of it cause I was being successful and didn’t see the need.  However, after doing a lot and accomplishing a lot I got too much into that part of my life and let me personal life slide.  In many ways, I have to admit I was not really into doing things with my family when I was in my teens, early twenties and even in part of my 30’s.

I have heard that it is a natural thing that in your 30’s we start to want to spend more time with our parents.  The reasons for this are probably obvious in many ways.  As I got into doing the family thing in life, I have to admit, I didn’t really know how to do it… nor did I realize it was more like starting something new in life that will be a change in habits and other parts in my life as well.

So now, as I am rebuilding parts of my life I have the desire to have a better life with more involvement of my parents but on a different level.

All this has been a bit of a challenge for me as I am rebuilding in a different stage of life and with different goals.

One of the things I have found that help this the most is Rick Warren Sermons.  I used to spend a lot of time getting into marketing gurus, Tony Robbins, Jim Rohn etc.  So either this has brought me to Rick Warren or maybe I am just ready for the Rick Warren type of leadership.

For me, some how Rick Warren has a great way of teaching and interpreting the bible into language that I understand.  There have been a bunch of things that I have learned from Rick Warren and much of them are about what to do in certain types of situations.  As he talks about different situations and what to do about them, I can specifically relate them to situations I have been in before and how I would have benefited if I knew what to do in the situations instead of doing what I did.  Some times I deal with situations out of frustrations and other times out of different drivers in life that I may have let become to big a part in my life.

Now I am looking to have more balance in my life, be more successful and to keep evolving.  And after the conversation with my buddy I am fascinated about the thought he is putting into some of the relationships in his life.

Take a look at Rick Warrens videos here.

Best thing to do in the morning

For some reason I keep hearing about or maybe its just hitting me that morning routines are very important. I have seen it on some tv show where they follow the CEO of a company for a day where he spend time every morning (at least the work week mornings) stretching with his wife. When I first saw this I thought it was very different and a good idea and I suppose one of those things I wish I could do.

It seems most mornings I wake up and then start thinking about all the stuff I want to do in the day and how I had better get going. In some ways I thought this was the best way to get the most out of my day. Upon reflecting about it I remember the day that I would wake up at 7:55 am and walk down the hallway to my home office and sit down at my computer desk and get to work. This was no doubt not good for me mentally. I wish I had gotten into the routine of doing something relaxing in the morning…having a good breakfast and maybe even getting outside for an hour before jumping into work. It is no wonder I ended up putting on a lot of weight, drinking lots of coffee and drinking lots of pop. I actually remember going through at least a 2 Litre bottle of pop each day. And it was not good if I didn’t have the pop in the house…I would be running out to the store to get some if I was out.

Now that things have changed a bit…I am usually having a coffee first thing in the morning but am learning to take the morning slow and relax. I am commonly thinking I need to stop drinking coffee in the morning and stick to drinking water but I know I will miss it and go through some caffeine withdrawals. So the smart thing to do is slowly cut back and start drinking more water in the morning.

I was reminded of this recently in a video where Tony Robbins is interviewing Eban Pagan.  The video of the interview is below:

So back to the morning routine.  I have learned to start the day with a clear head and also have learned I will need a lot of guidance to achieve my goals (which are my dreams, but with a deadline) simply because there is going to be a lot of things in life that will try to get me off my track and on to other peoples.  Part of this lesson for me has been sometimes being in situations and then making a decision that was not a good balanced decision.  And watching Rick Warren videos in the morning has definitely help me to think more clearly and helped me to focus my mind.

For today, I am writing this post after having a couple coffees and relaxing before getting into watching the video.  I have even written this post before watching the video, which is probably not the best….so I will try to only write a post after my morning routine in the future.  This is another one of my goals, where it might seem small, but will probably have a large impact on my life over the long term.  Being as it is a new habit or ritual to get into, I have to admit, it does at times seem a little hard or unnerving because I am dropping my old habits and trying to build a new one.

And I also have to give thanks to my Dad, who is also helping with guidance and reminding me to take things one step at a time.

Here is the video:

6 Keys to peace in relationships

I have become a follower of Rick Warren.  He is a Pastor with a lot of youtube videos of his sermons.  When every I am going through something there seems to be one of his Sermons for it.

As I have been on the search for something different in life and to have more balance I am studying a lot.  And then putting into practice what I have learned…which isn’t always so easy…but its worth the work.

Below is a video about the 6 keys to peace in relationships.

The 6 steps:

  1. Integrity – Integrity is the shield in your life
  2. Wisdom is peace loving – Wise people are peace makers not trouble makers (fools love to fight)
  3. I won’t minimize your feelings
  4. I wont criticize your suggestions
  5. I wont empathize your mistakes
  6. I wont disguise my intentions