A class act – Floyd Mayweather vs Connor McGregor

I watched the fight and couldn’t believe the commentators talking about the first few rounds.  According to them they didn’t think Floyd had control of the fight in the first few rounds.

It seemed pretty obvious that Floyd was taking it easy and letting Connor over work himself to the point that he would run out of gas later in the fight.  Then later on…sure enough… Floyd decided Connor was about to run out of gas so might as well show him how its done.

And sure enough the commentators said that the tide was changing when Floyd started the last chapter of the fight…which was finish it.  The tide wasn’t changing it was just the tide rising the whole time right from the beginning of the fight and Connor going down right from the start of the fight.

I admire the way Floyd makes a game plan and sticks to it.  It is a good message to everyone that making a plan and sticking to it works.

Then, on to the after-fight press conference…Floyd shows even more class and also plays the game, by loving the game with the press… they were all helping to promote each other in the press conference.

Take a look: