So I set up a wordpress plugin to automatically post to facebook and twitter…

Isaque Pereira Now, i took a look at the posts it was making to twitter…good stuff….then facebook and it is shooting up the post to facebook with an image… however I didnt add any images to the post so that is obviously kinda lame.

So, I want to have a featured image for all my posts, but I don’t want to search around for the right image and I don’t want to rip an image of the net and use it when that is not legit.

Now I gotta find a good place for free stock images that are royalty free and free to use for any purpose.

So I did a google search, found pexels…at this time it says the images are licensed for free to use commercially or personally.  And there are some adds on the page for a paid service as well.  So the pexels free image service is also a marketing tool to get them customers for the paid service as well…but hey I like the images on pexel so I will tolerate the ads.

Then I searched for a plugin for pexels to be able to add pics to my wp site easily and fast and found wp pexels so I am now giving that a whirl.

I have spent a few minutes playing around with the plug in and have found that it works good for inserting an image into the post.  However, if you want to add a featured image or save the image to your blog it requires a payment of $15 (at the time of writing this post).

So I tested the plugin out…i like the way it works…am sticking with the free version for now cause all i need to do is add the image to the post and its all good for showing up by automation to facebook.

With all that said, I have come to realize that what might appear to be speed…in that I can write one post on my blog and have it automatically posted to facebook, twitter and other social media instantly and without any thought, decisions or effort… is actually just an automation process or system that makes it all work.

So essentially, by spending an hour or so setting up automation, it saves hundreds of hours of time and energy later on.  And much of success is spending less energy to get more in return.

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