More about golden eggs

I am reading a book and it says its important to share what you have learned with others right away.  It’s part of a process that changes ones perspective on things when they do it.  Apparently it changes from a negative thing to a positive thing, cause as you share it people like it and want to work/do more with ya and they might even get into the same book you are reading as well.

So here goes…

One of the main ideas with the book, (affiliate link, if you purchase the book from this link you will be helping to support this blog)  is about principles.  And the first principle is about a goose.

There is a farmer who has a goose and one day he noticed the goose has laid a golden egg.  When he sees it at first, he doesn’t believe it, he thinks it might be a trick.  So he takes the golden egg to get valuated, and sure enough it confirms the egg is in fact gold and worth money.

Then, the next day, the farmer notices there is a nothing golden egg layed by the goose.  And this keeps happening.  The farmer starts to get used to getting a golden egg every day…and then he starts to want more.

So he decides to chop open the goose to get the eggs that he thinks must be inside, only to discover there are no golden eggs in the goose.

What a story, to me I have learned a lot from it.  And its such a simple way to communicate something to someone.

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