Millennials and life and bitcoin mining

This is the digital age.  So many things are changing in our world and how people go about life has changed dramatically.  The digital age has changed our lives, now a days everyone has a phone on them 24/7 and is constantly interrupted with all sorts of notifications.  And on top of that we can get almost anything we want with the push of a button on our cell phones.  This has turned many of us into cell phone zombies and impatient people, cause almost everything we want can be instantly obtained.


There I go with the dark side of the digital age, which we might as well call the cell phone age.  However with every negative there is a positive as well.  I have been on the search for the newest technology innovation that is happening right now and crypto currencies is my favourite innovation at this time.

So how will crypto currencies help Millennials have a better life?

The first opportunity here is it is a new industry, which means the barriers to entry are relatively low.  For anyone looking to decide on their career, cryptography is on the rise.  There is a saying that cash is king, however the saying is going to end up changing to crypto currency is king.  Why? Because anyone with a phone or computer can start using crypto currencies, freely and largely anonymously as well.  Even a 12 year old boy can download a wallet and trade a friend for some crypto currency, and better yet the 12 year old boy can even start their own business and charge people with bitcoin or another crypto currency.

At this time, using a crypto currency doesn't even require ID to have a wallet, just like cash doesn't either.  This opens up new worlds to people.

The next part is that even on a cell phone, anyone can start mining crypto currencies.  Sure some are low value now, and would only make a couple of $ a month, but it gets them started.  And one they have the small mining figured out, moving up to a GPU miner is only a few hundred dollars away and the profits can be up over $30 per month.... then add another GPU and another to mine even more coin.

Then after spending time and earning money with a GPU miner, their are options like buying an Avalon 741 miner for $1650 usd and mining bitcoin which makes about $500 usd per month right now.  I can't remember a time when buying hardware or any other equipment would result in that good of profits.  The opportunity here is huge.

So then lets say, well for a 12 year old boy to buy a $1650 usd piece of equipment is too much, well there is cloud mining starting at $2.20 USD for 1 year of mining from companies like HashFlare.  About 6 weeks ago I started out cpu mining myself because a lot of the hype around bitcoin made me a skeptic, but as I saw it working I went to HashFlare and bought $60 USD of hashing power to get 400 MH/s.  Then about 2 days later I bought another $70 USD and have been receiving daily payouts ever since.  Here is a video from when I first started cloudmining.

I reinvested the payouts into more hashing power and now receive about $1.50 USD per day ($45/month) from it.  So my initial investment of $130 is returning $45 per month.  In less than 3 months it will have paid me back my money and then it is pure profit after that.

When I was 12 there was not anything like this that I could have invested in, whether it be buying something I could get a daily payback on or even buying equipment that I could just plug in and it would start making me money.

The millennials have a huge opportunity here to start their own business' for very little cash and to grow it into something very big...all without having a boss, or having to work.

Millennials...I hope you see this opportunity and take advantage of it...who knows how long the window will be on this one.

David bought his first bitcoin in Nov. 2017 and has been learning and sharing about cryptocurrencies, mining and trading ever since.

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