Making of the EOM bot


Its the end of February 2018 so I am calling this bot End of Month or EOM for short.

With this way of making bots it is very quick and easy to put into use very fast...and by putting all of the bots created this way into one back the combined bot becomes a power house.

So here is the building of the bot...

Simply looking at that pattern ad taking the hammer candle and using the measurements creates the first rule for the EA bot.

All i did is take the approximate measurements of the tails of a few patterns like this one, and the approximate measurements of the body and the tail on top.

I got some averages from 5 of these patterns and then but them into a rule where:

Top tail has a max
Body has a max
Bottom tail has a minimum

With this rule the tail will always be at least 60% of the body.

Then I just run the bot through strategy testing and see if it works or not, and if it could use any fine tuning.

So here are the results of the tests:

So, decent enough, with a win ratio of 83 %...but that is on only a few months of data and using control points so I am going to test a bunch of other currencies...

The next one turns out better with USDCHF

84% win ratio and 2 to win profit to loss.  So lets test some more...

Here we go with EURUSD H1...

This one does alright too, with 83% win and a profit ratio of almost 2 to 1.

Keep in mind this is without any fine tuning at there is the possibility of tuning it for better results.  And right now I have the SL set to 50 pips and the take profit set to 20 pips.  So the losses are actually 2.5 times more than the profit trades in terms of $.  So there is a chance the SL could be reduced and/or the take profit could be increased.

That I will leave for further optimizing later.  For now I just want to make sure this bot will find consistently over 70% with a profit to loss $ ratio of at least 1.5 to 1.

On to the next currency.

Tried out USDJPY and there were no trades made throughout the  But thats all good, no losses and no wins.  On to the next one.


Not bad, 84% win ratio and more than 2 to 1 profit ratio.

Now for the next currency...

Only one trade on AUDUSD but the tester only pulled a few months.  So rather than trying to figure out why the tester only pulled a few months I am moving on to the next one...

So I tuned it a little bit and set the bot to only evaluate on bar openning and to only use 1H timeframe and this turned into better results as seen in USDCHF...

In this test I dropped the lot size to 0.01 as I am going to test this one out live now and then make a decision after getting live results.


David bought his first bitcoin in Nov. 2017 and has been learning and sharing about cryptocurrencies, mining and trading ever since.

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