Make some good people choices

Sometimes I am a bit of a rebel and like to try and do what is not supposed to work.  This works really well when i do the opposite of what people think I should do…provided those people are the ones with the wrong ideas.

This rule of not listening to negative people has proved itself over and over again.  And it has been a bit of a trap for me as sometimes after reading books from people with the right ideas I have also tested some of the stuff they say by doing the opposite and thinking it was fun…yet it only got me a bad result.  So even though it was kinda fun for me to do it as a test…when it was doing the opposite of the good advice it definitely went wrong.

Once you learn to listen to the good/right ideas and do those…things start to become a lot easier in life.  And when it gets real easy…I have to keep reminding myself that it took a long time to get where it was real easy so I shouldn’t get disillusioned cause so much stuff that was hard before is now a piece of cake.

The bottom line…don’t get high on yourself when you get lots of success and then go back to the old ways that didn’t work (even though it might seem funny).

Keep doing the good and right things then when it gets easy find out what it is you need to learn to get even more even though that seems hard.  I will call it leveling up.

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