How to get more gold

After discovering a friend of mine has a good interest in books and of good books it definitely encouraged me to read more.  Over the past 5 years or some I have been on a self improvement path that includes studying psychology, business, marketing and relationships.

I even set out on a few missions because of once sentence in a book.  This was a good mission to set out on, however I was blind to the reality of how hard it would be and what the situation was that I was walking into.

When that happened, I was essentially floored and started to loose trust in many of the things I was learning… not being able to trust became a hurdle to get over within itself.

As it turns out, I learned a huge lesson, one of them being that walking into a business where, to use the example of the Goose laying golder eggs, someone has taken advantage of the goose, and essentially left it to dwindle away over the long term is a difficult position to walk into.

At the time, I couldn’t quite understand why some people throughout the organization where acting and doing the things they were doing.  But not, after going through the experience I have learned that when the person at the top is looking to get all the golden eggs without taking care of the goose…look out.

I witnessed how it effected many people throughout the organization, employees, managers, vendors and even the public.  It was a difficult thing to be a part of.  I kept thinking there was a way to turn it around…however I underestimated the length of time a turn around takes, and how much more difficult it is when people with the leadership positions in a company are not on the right path.

I was naive, after having success before, I thought I could do it again… however the organization I was walking into was a lot different than the organizations I had success in.  Essentially, it was a failing business, the start of the failure was many years in the making and before I even showed up on the scene.

It left me feeling like a failure, and acting like a looser.  It was hard.  Getting over the emotions of it all took a very very long time.

So, mostly out of it all now.  And back at a point where it feels like this quote applies:

“We shall not cease from exploration, and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time.” – T. S. Eliot

I feel like I am back where I started, however it is very different than what I remember it feeling like.  Cause I know where I am, and the path to where I want to go…and I know its a long process to get back up to where I want to be.  And that is how it works…especially after taking a fall.

After going through a very challenging time, that essentially ended with a different result then what I wanted…i got confused… and was grieving.

I had to straighten out my brain, my emotions, recover from a burn out. etc. etc.

And, I have to admit, reading a lot of success books has helped me recover.

Today I am reading (this is an affiliate link, if you purchase from this link you will be supporting this blog).  I am about 74 pages in and it says to share what I have learned within 48 hours.  So I am sharing what I have learned within a few minutes lol.

Once I got into the Goose and the Golden egg, it someone connected things that happened, why they happened and how to see them coming…as well as what to do to get more golden eggs.

I have learned that sometimes drive, resistance, positive attitude are not enough.  You need them all, however if there are people in top positions that do not take care of the goose, the golden eggs will not be produces.

Thank you Stephen R Covey for writing this book and being able to teach from it well.

I only hope more people read it and understand it and use it to further grow in their own lives.

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