How to design your life

I have heard this saying before… life by design.

But then, what exactly does that mean? I suppose it can have many meanings, or maybe it just has one?  If it does have one what exactly does it mean?  For some reason over the last few weeks I have had this saying bouncing around in my head:

Form Follows Function

For me this seems to mean stuff like the road is designed or formed in a certain way to allow vehicles to drive on it.  It has to be smooth, it has to last a long time and people have to be able to stop and go on it.

This type of thinking relates to the functions of our lives…the people we have in it, the friends, the family etc.

I have spent some time building businesses and many times it seemed I kept running to road blocks.  Each time I had to figure out the best way to get rid of the road block, go around the road block.  And even with taking care of the road block there are many ways and even simple to complex ways of doing that, and I have found it best to put some thought into which method to use.

When I hit a road block, I have come to realize that I have many options and some are quick and easy and some are hard and long.  And with out a doubt, each option chosen will result in coming up to another road block at some point.  This is why I have learned that some road blocks take time to come up with the best answer and others do not.  Essentially the first step to to analize the road block to determine if it is something that just needs a quick fix or does it need a long one.

One of the challenges in hitting a road block is that it might be the result of taking a path that was many years long…so it is not so easy to go back and start over… doing that could take 2 years or more.

With all that said, when choosing a life by design, the first part seems to be choosing to do something you like, or love and realizing it could be something that is a life long journey.  So it might as well be worth it.  And this goes back into living a purpose driven life… if you have purpose it will be worth while.  If there is no meaning to what you are doing…you just won’t care and will stop putting effort into the challenges of continuous road blocks that will always come.

At the same time, we all start out small and then learn the path with less road blocks, and even if you have taking one path and given up, start again and it will probably be easier to get where you want to go, because you have had the experience of the previous road blocks.

Here is a good video by Rick Warren:

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