HashFlare Profitability – Reviewing MEF and Pool Fees

I have been cloud mining with HashFlare for about a week and want to take a close look at the profitability of using HashFlare by reviewing the MEF fee and the pool fees.

The calculations used for this comparison or the current rates as of the date of this post.


First we will take a look at the MEF fee from HashFlare.

HashlFlare has a posted fee of $0.35 usd per TH per day.

Source: https://hashflare.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/203047771-Maintenance-and-electricity-fees-MEF-

The rate shown above is $0.0035 USD per 10 GH/s per day which is $0.35 USD per TH/s per day.  As an FYI the current price per TH/s today on HashFlare is $220 USD.  So the daily MEF fee is 0.1591% of the purchase price.

Pool Fees

My buddy that has 4 Avalon Miners and an S9 miner and he said that some pools pay him better than others.  So I really wanted to take a look directing my HashFlare mining to the highest payout pool, instead of keeping it on the default 3 way split between 3 pools.

With the pool fees there is typically a percentage that they charge miners.  For example Slush Pools rate today is 2%.

Source: https://slushpool.com/terms-of-service.

The default pools on HashFlare are BW.com, Slush Pool and BTC China.

Being as we know from the image above the pool fee is 2% lets take a look at the other two pools.  First, BTC China...and I am surprised to see the posted fee, of -4%.  That is right it is showing a negative 4 %.  This could be a result of the miner fees being more than expected.  I will investigate further below.

Source: https://pool.btcchina.com/help#

The next pool to take a look at is BW.com.

Source: https://www.bw.com/help/pool

So now the fees for bw.com have variations of PPS and PPS+ and PPLNS.  So this gets into more variations of the fees that are paid to pools.  And requires more info, so lets take a look at these different types of fees and BW.com also provides the following side note on the fees:

* The current ratio of the transaction fee to reward for block found is high. Our PPS rate has now been updated to -3.5% as compensation. PPS rate is subject to change according to the market condition.

It appears that BW.com is providing compensation to miners in the form of paying them back each day by returning fees to miners at 3.5% per day.  This could change at any time.

To find out the definitions of the pool fee types go here.

For a bigger list of the pools out there go here.

The two remaining pools available on Hashflare are Antpool and F2 Pool.

For Antpool the posted fees are:

PPLNS (0% Fee)
PPS (-5% Fee)
PPS+ (4% PPS Fee + 2% TX fee)
SOLO (1% Fee)

And for F2Pool the posted fees are:

PPS at -3%

At this time ti seems that many of the pools are now providing compensation as a result of the higher transaction fees bitcoin users were paying when they sent bitcoin.


David bought his first bitcoin in Nov. 2017 and has been learning and sharing about cryptocurrencies, mining and trading ever since.

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