Emotional Intelligence…yep

There seems to be a really important key to success that is not taught in school.  There could be a lot of reasons for this to happen, by does that really matter…or is it any different than many of the other reasons that things seem to happen a certain way in life.

Here it is…take a look and it might change something in your life… or get you started on a different path.  In many ways this concept of emotional intelligence and how it impacts all of us is fascinating to me as I have been a stressed out business owner before and been a real jerk to people because of it and I have also seen other business owners deal with a lot of stress and might not be certain about why it is stressing them out or what type of effect it has on them and their lives.

At the time of writing this post, for some reason this emotional intelligence is really bringing a lot of stuff together.  However, lately almost every time I read a book or getting into a new author the messages all seem to be the same or fit together to make a greater life as a whole.

This skill, should not be overlooked.

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