This is the master page for Decato Pivot Masters strategy, (DPM).

This strategy and videos are being built out, here is the evolving template.  Stuff here will probably be updated very soon.

Tools you will need

DPM - 01 - Intro Video


DPM - 02 - Examples of how the strategy works

DPM - 02 - Tools to use Video

DPM - 03 - The math behind the strategy

DPM - 05 - Measure your understanding

... measure how much you learned, get a 100 % score or rewatch the videos...otherwise you need to go home, cause this game requires 100% following the strategy cause if you don't know the rules of the strategy how can you implement them?  You won't be able to, and you will loose your money, so if you can't score 100% repeat the learning or go home.  (Blunt but honest, cause the market will eat you alive, so I would be saving you by sending you home)


Level 1 - Also practice first

DPM - 04 - Live trades video, with a demo account - Actually doing this stuff, without risking my or your captial

DPM - 05 - Results of trades video

Level 2

DPM - XX - Live trading with a bonus account (so it can make you actual profits, without risking your capital)

DPM - XX - Results of trades video

Level 3

DPM - XX - Are you ready to trade with real dollars now?


DPM - 06 - How to further your mastery of the strategy


DPM - 07 - The total risk, the total profit (or loss)

Maximum Crazy

I am naming this part of the training videos after one of my favourite tiesto tracks... Maximal Crazy.  Whats up with this?  Well some billionaires say that when people think you are doing something crazy that is the time you know when you are onto something good!  Cause normal is not to make a billion or even think about it...but that is how billionaires become billionaires.  The normal is to live a life in box where you are not likely thinking about becoming a multi millionaire and that is just crazy.

DPM - 08 - How to get the most out of this strategy, Maximization

My Tunes Today

I am a big music fan, and I enjoy EDM...almost every day I listen to tunes especially when writing posts.  It might sound crazy but I have learned that part of the process of personal growth is going through different stages and it is healthy to share when going through these stages.  So I am going all out with sharing and I hope you will do the same.  Put yourself out there, the things you like and don't like and realize that you are on a path, either a good one or a bad one, however there are many different paths you can take to get where you want to go and I strongly believe that music (amoung some other things) is a part of your life you want to have going on frequently as your tastes in music will change over time and will also reflect your progress in life and even trading.

There could be someone out there that has figured out the best music to listen to while trading to get max results but I am going to do what works for me and I hope that you do what works for you.  And not much would make me happier than seeing you start your own blog and to be doing the same thing.  I know you can do it.

So with all that said here is the songs I listened today while doing my Forex work:

Here is me doing the 4 AM Hustle:


David bought his first bitcoin in Nov. 2017 and has been learning and sharing about cryptocurrencies, mining and trading ever since.

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