Day 006 – Checking up on results

Here it is, the Monday of a long weekend and I hop onto facebook to check my facebook ads.  Since yesterday… only one more click is showing on the facebook ad stats.  I will let the ad run some more, as I want to see at least 20 clicks before I am seriously debating whether or not to continue running the ad, fine tune the ad or change it up and send the visitors to a website I have created and see if I can capture email addresses and build a list myself.

On a side note… I am keeping myself focused in a certain direction by watching a few youtube videos and am likely going to continue reading the Mastery book by Robert Greene.

So, one of the people I like to watch is Oprah (even though some people will laugh at me for it).  Today I am taking in a video with Oprah and Brene Brown.  I got onto Brene Brown from her video about the anatomy of trust.

There seems to be some things in life…both personal and business that can be tough, and I like to see how others, that are successful, deal with certain types of situations.  As you can see from the above video, even after 25 years of success, starting a network was a very hard thing for Oprah to do.  I find it very interesting to hear her talk about it and how she got through it and what she did.



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