Day 003 – Sort of – Did I freeze?

Here I am a few days after writing the post Day 002.  Somehow I got off track and discussed some things in life with a person who was not on the same track as me and I either got frustrated with the conversation with the person or did it deliberately to avoid pulling the trigger on the next step for the challenge.

This is alright, I am seeing this as an obstacle  (for more details about this check out “the obstacle is the way”).  So either I need to avoid the person that got me off track or I need to figure out a way to get myself to pull the trigger on the next step.

According to Ed Dale and the Kolbe personality type indicators, some people have a difficult time pulling the  trigger.  Apparently it is a natural thing for certain personality types.  The trick or strategy to be able to pull the trigger is what I need to discover or just accept that this is how I am and use a tool to get me to pull the trigger.

I am sure…the answer is out there.  And it is probably in Ed Dales book and I need to stop being so stubborn and actually listen to the advice he puts out and follow it so that I easily move to the next step.

Write now I am watching a youtube ( Steve Jobs How to start a business) video while writing this post to get my mind going on starting and building a business.  There seems to be a reoccuring theme in the advice from many successful people including Jobs and even Will Smith as seen is this youtube video:

The message from both of these, to me, is that yes we have this grand vision a having built something very very big…however it all starts with one small step and if it takes 5 years to build something great…it is taking a lot of small steps each day over the 5 years to get there.  And to be able to do it, we have to have the long term goal in mind, however have complete focus on the one small step in front of us.

I am pretty sure that it is what discourages most people from quitting their jobs and pursuing their dreams.  The huge amount of work ahead, the risk of it all the possible stressful situations to deal with etc etc etc.

But all of the stuff that may or may not happen in the future is only a distraction from doing what could be done now.  Many situations that require decisions (or crap to deal with) will only come up when they come up.  It is becoming more obvious every day that many of the imagined issues to deal with aren’t actually going to happen and of course their will be things that come up that won’t be fun, but there will also be things that come up that are a lot of fun.

I am believing that part of the journey is enjoying the good stuff and dealing with the bad stuff and also realizing the bad stuff isn’t really bad.  Its just part of the process.

Getting back to being in the right situation and around the right people to get things done.  I am currently in a room trying to focus on writing this post and I am getting into “flow” mode however I have another person in the next room who every once in a while makes a loud verbal noise that takes my focus away from writing this post.  Then, when they receive messages on their phone they have the ringer turned up so loud that it also grabs my attention.  And this all happens a lot and this person is around a lot.

I want to make the most of my time today and having some loud noises every 5 minutes that are distracting me is going to frustrate the heck out me cause it is interrupting me on my mission.

It is 8:53 am and I am already annoyed at the distractions instead of enjoying my flow state on doing what I want and love to do.  In my opinion the other person needs to look elsewhere to get attention and learn to be less of an interrupter of other peoples peace, and realize there is time to get attention and time to do activities that provide durable fulfillment.

That might seem like a rant, but hopefully it sheds some light on the challenges, even though it seems like a small thing, is actually a huge thing when it is slowing me down and when it happens every day.  I imagine this happens to all of us on a daily basis too.

So, to be able to work on building my deal.  I have to strategize a way to be able to have total peace and quiet when I want it for my flow state.  The best option is either to put on the music (even though this is another type of distraction however better than the alternative) or simple go somewhere else that will provide me with the peace and quiet I want right now.

I can say this for sure… i am tired of people that need attention trying to get my attention to fulfill there needs while using up my energy and time on them.  There has to be limits to this and awareness of what other people need and the ability to cooperate as a team to be able to have both people achieve what they want to achieve.

So, as I sit down and try to get myself into building the third brick in my wall (referencing the will smith video)  I am already annoyed and discouraged and feeling interrupted.  It would not be smart for me to let this get to me… I need to take action and change my location to be able to accomplish what I want to accomplish today.

While I am letting this rip, I also have to say that for some reason I have had a couple people ask me so many questions that I am pretty much sick and tired of being asked questions.  So this is another thing on my list is to stay away from people that are always asking questions instead of having a conversation and also I am tired of people that think out loud as apposed to thinking and then expressing their thoughts in a good way.  Apparently this is a skill that not everyone has…or I just keep putting myself in situations with people that do this stuff lol.  Either way… this is about me moving forward so I can’t just sit here and whine about it…I have to take action.  And at the same time if you are in a similar situation I hope you take action to create or be in an environment that is best for you as well.

Back to the Steve Jobs video…wow what a great example of how to have a team meeting, keep people on the right track to achieving the vision and the challenges people on a team have and the challenges the leader of a team has.  The amount of time and work Steve put into that one meeting is a lot.  After listening to each persons perspective on the challenge ahead they are also communicating where they are in terms of being able to overcome an obstacle or whether or not they are pointed up for pointed down.

Now…back to the challenge lol.  I am going to pick up Ed Dales book again and get into it.

A few hours later… i took a big break and went to indigo, got a Grande white chocolate mocha and went continued reading a book by the rich20something creator.  It definitely got my mind back into a positive space and reinforced many of my beliefs about achieving success and got my mind away from being around people that are not positive.

Then I was pretty set on going home but changed my mind and started reading think and grow rich…which got me further inspired to continue on in the pursuit of success and also to write this blog post and also get into Ed Dales book at the kanban method of planning.  The kanban thing seems to help entrepreneurs with “time management”.  To be more precise, it is becoming more obvious to me that entrepreneurs don’t do task lists…then have a different priorities settings and accomplishing method that most of the entrepreneurs I have met do.  Everything seems to get loaded into the entrepreneurs brain and then when there is time to do something essentially the highest value and most urgent task (or project) comes out and gets done.

All this keeping everything in ones head causes a lot of mental capacity and energy to be consumed.  So getting it out of the brain and onto paper or a wall or an app is of the utmost importance to free up the brain.  So I realize I need to do this cause sometimes I myself get a little frustrated (pissy might be a better word) and really its just that my brain is full, or I am emotionally or mentally exhausted or I have some projects that I have not completed yet and I have to get them done and it starts to eat away at me every day.  And the longer I but it off the worse it gets cause its always on my mind.  So, getting as much out of my brain and into a kanban app is my top priority right now and then getting on with the next most important task is also super important.

So I spent 50 minutes and dumped everything out of my brain and into a list in notepad (cause it was quickest to do.  And now I have to take that mist and get it into the kanban board.  I am going to try

Here is a demo of how it works:

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