Day 001 – The start – The Journey Begins

Its April 30, 2017, a Sunday.  Today is my day, my 24 hours.  I am doing what I want to do, what makes me happy and either starting something new again or jumping back onto my path that I started many years ago, but didn’t keep it going.

I have started a bunch of different businesses.  Some online and some in the real world.  These businesses included a residential cleaning business, a commercial cleaning business (both with good success) and I have started a web hosting business in the past and also done some website online presence building.  Each business was a lot of fun and in each one I ran into some obstacles and some big life changes and decided to walk away.  This has left me with regret and I suppose it was the shit in my life that everyone seems to have.  It seems that almost all of us have a similar type of story…good things happen then bad.  Sometimes it seems to be that we run into what seems to be a big obstacle and that is the breaking point, the give up point or it is simply too much (however you want to put it).

What happens when someone runs into an obstacle seems to be one of the biggest life lessons to learn.  Whether it be personal or business (which many times are the same)  there is always going to be an obstacle.  With some obstacles its important to tackle it right away and get it done, while others might mean taking a step back to look at the obstacle differently.  In any case…it seems the path to what we want seems to be clear but there is almost always something that we don’t see coming or had no idea about that is on the path to success.   I am pretty sure I have learned that something is always going to happen and then just deal with it and move on.

The challenge here can be that if I put too much in one basket and it is at risk of falling apart then it will typically cause an over reaction because then it will seem (and might be true) that everything is on the line.  When everything is on the line it can make coming up with the best decision for the situation a difficult one to make cause the stress or emotion of it all can be overwhelming.

If we all want greatness, or at least to be our greatest selves then we are all on a journey to make that happen.  It seems it takes a lot of learning about life and people to be able to achieve a balance or have a full circle approach to make it all happen and keep it.

As I come to this point in my life… I have realized I love the rush of going for it and putting it all on the line, cause it is sooooo fun and exciting….at least up to the point where it works out or doesn’t.  Then of course, when it works great (at this leads to a sort of addiction, cause then I want to do it again, just like gambling).  And if it doesn’t work out, I just think “oh well, another opportunity will come up”.  However, with all that said…I have had to learn to keep my life balanced and not put everything on the line, cause even if the odds are 50/50 it will lead to me loosing it all at some point, then what was the point of doing it all? Just a game to see what would happen, which was fun.  But loosing it all every now and then is no way to live.  It is too much of a roller coaster.

So here I am, typing this all out on a website as a sort of a private journal entry, however at some point it will probably be discovered.

So, todays goals are… live with balance, take some risks (smaller ones), don’t risk it all, do what is in my nature as far as building a business goes (it took me a while to let myself be who I was in business…more on this later).

The start…today is launch day.  At the time I am writing this I am watching the clock on my laptop and it is 11:59 am on a Sunday and it just turned over to 12 noon on Sunday.

Todays launch is the launch of a marketing business.  After spending a lot of time talking with some business owners and getting them interested in online marketing (and a few have done very very well with things I have done for them) however I want to go full force with online marketing and have realized that many business owners don’t full grasp the concept of a business really being about innovation and marketing.

What do I mean when I say all the business is in innovation and marketing.  There are in depth conceptual videos and books about this.  I would suggest to anyone looking for success to take a serious look at the concept.  The bottom line is… innovation is what creates the opportunity to make money, marketing is taking an innovation and using a relatively simple process and creating an automated process of making money off of an innovation.  And the rest of a business is simply an operation cost.  There really is no money in the operation…it is just a cost of business similar to paying a hydro bill.  That sounds rather simplistic but really it is that simple.

I will add this to the concept of innovation and marketing is everything.  Quite simply look at all the restaurants in our world…and most of them are doing the same thing and competing for customers every single day.  And that is a huge contrast to having something that no other business has…and having customers banging down your door to get it.

This concept has taking me a long time to really get.  And I hope that anyone looking to have success themselves takes less time to realize it.  I have spent a lot of time trying to do everything, when all I needed to do was focus on Marketing or Innovation.

Many years ago I came to realize that all a person has to do is become really good at one thing.  As long as that one thing is in demand or an innovation that people really want then it will be successful.  Also, I have previously been caught in the trap of selling things for less to have that be my advantage over the competition (I did this with a web hosting business) but soon realized that it just attracts the least preferred customers and makes you work harder for less money.

Some customers what a lot for a little, and other customers want a lot and are willing to pay good money for it because they are successful themselves and that is the type of customer you want.  When you are starting a business from scratch, it seems to me that marketing a business that is already working and established and taking it to a new audience or new level is a lot more fun than starting an operation as a one man show and growing it up to the level which includes a lot of work and fine tuning and a lot of time.

As an example of how this works… I suggest watching the movie (this is an affiliate link that supports my blog):
The Founder [DVD + Digital] (Bilingual)


If you can take someone else’s product or service that is already proven to work and market it…that is one of the best ways in my opinion.

So back into the launch part of today.  I have followed Ed Dale for quite a long time, and did his 30 day challenge an enjoyed everything about it.  He now calls it your first dollar, if you are starting out I highly recommend taking a look at his free program, cause that is exactly what I am doing to build this new online empire…following his system or advice if you will.

Today I am staring up a facebook ad campaign and building an online business from scratch.  More details about this tomorrow.


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