Daily Checklists to Build Your Success Habits

Nina Uhlíková


Here is a quick video which shows part of my routines to get the most out of my day and have the most success in life.

As with almost everything in life...following the right path and doing the right things leads to long term success.

So here it is... this is how I keep myself on my path each day....to continuously build upon success.

Trello - Free and great for making check lists and time management

Also, I will add that one of the most important things in building up to having a huge amount of success habits in life is using what Tony Robbins calls RPM (Rapid Planning Method).  This involves a lot of listing everything you want to do on a big list and then putting them into groups or categories.  Then arranging the list in priority and getting one category of tasks done at one time.

If you feel like you are running around with your head cut off, its probably just because you are trying to do 5 tasks in 5 different categories at the same time.  The efficiency you will gain from grouping tasks is huge, and it helps to prevent over loading your brain.


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