Consistency or duration? How to get more power

I watched another Tai Lopez video which he talks about how some guy said that he does not fear the guy that practiced 1,000 kicks in a day, he fears the guy that practices one kick for 1,000 days.

And Tai also talks about how working out 30 minutes a day for 16 days will do more for you that working out for 8 hours in one day.

Everything in life seems to grow like this.  There is a sort of exponential growth curve with almost everything in life….financial success, career success, relationship success.

Most people have a hard time understanding this effect.  If someone starts to work out it will be very hard at first to stay in a consistent daily routine.  But once that routine is established over a month or so…it starts to become a part of normal life.  And then, hopefully, the person working out 5 days a week does not give up the routine or risks loosing the momentum gained and simply loosing the habit.

The same can be said for a career.  Typically everyone starts at the bottom…or even if you enter near the top, there is still a sort of curve that starts because you have to get to know everyone and everyone has to get to know you etc.

Except, there may be short cuts to some of this, sort of.  Its more like a way to increase the exponential growth instead of limiting it.  The best example of this is someone that is really good at say marketing and makes a lot of videos about it and tells there story.  Then this person is reaching a lot of people and they sorta get to know the person.  Then when they actually meet face to face they can skip the getting to know the new guy routine and get rolling, because this person is already a commonly accepted guru or expert in the field.

The same things happen with relationships as well, friendships, family and romantic relationships as well.  All those people posting things on facebook and instagram are essentially using tools to tell their story to a lot of people, to keep them in their loop sort of thing.

One of the guys that made it on youtube (Casey Neistat) said he has started to realize there are two things in life… work and family.  I definitely agree that things in life can be put into those two categories.  Funny thing is he said he thinks he was work figured out but not family.  Yet he probably has family figured out…he just doesn’t know it.

Anyhow the point to this post is that there are many tools out there to get peoples attention.  And getting peoples attention is one of the 48 laws of power.  So don’t be scared to use it, or think its dumb.  Its a tool, that like anything else…if you get good at using it and master it…you could get a huge amount of attention and that also means you get a lot of power.

That’s just one of the ways life works… a lot of it is simply who has more power….so, if you want more…take a look at the 48 laws of power and go get some more.

Take a look at the video below:


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