Do What You Can’t!

One of my favourite youtube guys is this guy below… and his latest video is kinda inspiring in all the same ways that Jack Ma inspires, or Tony Robbins.

3 out of 4 people you meet are hungering for this one thing!

I am a big fan of Dale Carnegie… and I have to admit, me just saying that has made me think about how I don’t like it when people are “fans” of some things.  So, I am going to rationalize this thing as being a fan of something good is good and being a fan of something not good is not good.

Anyhow, back to Dale Carnegie.  I have a friend with a business and sometimes I irritates me a bit that he seems to have sympathy for somethings where I don’t think he should.  It seems like it holds him back from achieving a business goal or life goal some times.  When this negative feeling comes up for me in those situations I was tending to think what he was doing is not what needs to be done…but I know I have to reflect on it more, cause maybe it was just me wanting some sympathy and seeing it given to someone else made me jealous lol.  Only really after reading the Dale Carnegie book and coming accross a certain sentence in the book have I admitted that I was wrong in my thinking on my buddy having to much sympathy.  And now I even realize that I probably love sympathy!  wow.  I finally admit it.  Apparently this is a pretty common thing to love sympathy cause even in the book, How to win friends and influence people  (affiliate link, if you buy this book, you will be supporting this blog) Dale Carnegie says “three fourths of the people you will ever meet are hungering and thirsting for sympathy.  Give it to them and they will love you.”

Being as I have a lot of respect for Dale Carnegie, because of reading his book, watching his videos, and from mentions by very successful people the two sentences above speak to me very load and clearly.

And this helps me to figure out what was going one when I have seen people not want to give someone sympathy, they reacted to the person expressing a need for it as an act of weakness.  However, as I have learned, vulnerability is power, so maybe the people that didn’t want to give sympathy didn’t feel loved, didn’t know how to love, or needed sympathy themselves, or maybe they just felt helpless at the time.  It seems to me, that it was something like that anyway.

So I guess I will have sympathy for the person that can not give sympathy as well and hopefully (fingers crossed) the would be a good way of leading them into a better way of doing things.  And I have to admit, I was not much better myself when I didn’t like my buddy giving someone else sympathy cause I probably just wanted it myself too lol.

This has become a good lesson for me, and I look forward to being more sympathetic in the future, and see what happens from it!

In case you want to purchase the book and support this blog…here is an amazon link to the book.

One small thing that will help increase the rank of your website

One of the things I do constantly is build links to my websites.  One of the simplest ways to do this (and make it pretty much automatic) is to start your own personal blog and have a link to your business website in the side bar.

Then, with each time you create a post on your personal blog a new page is created on the internet and that page automatic has a link to your business website.


The Merchants of Cool

Take a look at this video showing a high powered savy exec diving into the customers mind to find out what it is they want.  According to some people, this is what the best execs do to understand their customers.

Buy a happy meal and get a ____________

This is a pretty surprising thing.  Sooo many times I have heard and read things like:

Rich people read books, the most successful people read books, the best way to build your focus muscle is to read books etc etc.   And then I open up youtube and find this:

Yes, that is right… now at your local mcdonalds you can buy a happy meal for your kid and have the option to get a toy or a book with it.  Wow.

At least McD’s is trying to do some good, and giving people the option.  It will be fascinating to see how long this lasts.  And it is fascinating to see the amount of money being spent to advertise such a thing.

Anyhow, back to what is going on this Saturday morning.  I have been taking a look at Tai Lopez’s social media marketing program and am ready to jump in, however I have some major projects to work on and time is tight for a month, so I am going to have to wait until then.  The biggest thing I get out of watching the videos so far is a bunch of inspiration and a reminder that social media is still where its at…even though some old school people will not believe it…at least its not completely mainstream enough for them to accept it…and this is an advantage to the believers.

I have thought a lot about a pricing structure for a SMMA and here is a pretty good video about how one company does it:

This is pretty slick, how they have it set up and it also seems like this agency focuses on promoting restaurants and bars.  If you have ever wondered about a pricing framework for your social media services check out the video above.


Emotional Intelligence…yep

There seems to be a really important key to success that is not taught in school.  There could be a lot of reasons for this to happen, by does that really matter…or is it any different than many of the other reasons that things seem to happen a certain way in life.

Here it is…take a look and it might change something in your life… or get you started on a different path.  In many ways this concept of emotional intelligence and how it impacts all of us is fascinating to me as I have been a stressed out business owner before and been a real jerk to people because of it and I have also seen other business owners deal with a lot of stress and might not be certain about why it is stressing them out or what type of effect it has on them and their lives.

At the time of writing this post, for some reason this emotional intelligence is really bringing a lot of stuff together.  However, lately almost every time I read a book or getting into a new author the messages all seem to be the same or fit together to make a greater life as a whole.

This skill, should not be overlooked.

It is live – Day 005

Today is a Sunday…its 8:32 AM my time and I could not resist checking the facebook ad stats to see if the ad started rolling yet.  So I openned up a browser went on facebook, got a little distracted by peoples birthdays and a few other weird posts (like some people I know in a drive thru) then I looked in the right column to see this:

So there we go… about $2.50 per click.  This means I need to generate more than that in return to have something that will be a profit generator.

I am in Canada, so the per click rate converts to $1.85 USD.  The vendor provides some stats from its own actual sales with 3 different sources of traffic, which the vendor states on their website are from affiliates they tested with over a 2 week period.  Below are the stats:

$3.51 USD per hop, 14 hops per order
$2.89 USD per hop, 16 hops per order
$5.45 USD per hop, 8 hops per order

So, to be on the safe side of things (until i get my own actual results) I am going to look at the lowest performer, the $2.89 per hop (hop meaning click to the site).  And because the sales sometimes are random (not every 16 hops will result in a sale, sometimes it will be 2 or 3 in 16 and then it might be 1 in 50 hops) I am seeing it as important to triple the number of hops required to make the first sale as part of the test.  So this would mean that I should expect to pay 48 hops x $1.85 = $88.80.  This would give me a realistic (and proven by my own numbers) test result.

The idea here though is to only spend $20 on a test.  However, $20 will only give me 10 clicks from facebook.  And, if I am lucky and get 1 order in 10 hops then I will be super happy…but I don’t think that is likely.

The second consideration

The product I am promoting has a very well put together marketing funnel.  Essentially there are 8 products that is sells in the funnel.  The commission rate is 75% or more on all the products.  And in clickbank the stats provided by clickbank show the average sale is $49 so the average commission is around $37.  So another way to look at it is simply that I need to spend less than $37 on ads to get the sale.  This almost seems like gambling.  I guess it is, except that I will be able to define where the ads are showing up, the group of people they show up for, the time of day etc etc.  So there is the possibility that I could narrow the demographics and then get a pretty consistent result.

This also makes me realize that there are likely products that sell well on facebook and finding the right one could be all it takes.  So, looking at it a little differently I am simply matching people with a product.  If I pick the right product and the right people the sales *should* happen.  And then I am essentially just getting paid to match people with products and services.  The better I get at it the more I will make.

And another consideration is that I have heard a lot from high level marketers about the days when google ads were like $0.05 per click.  I remember when google ads first came out…and now I can see why the marketers loved it so much…then would have been able to get 20 hops for this product for $1.  Better yet, they would have got 400 hops for this product for $20 and according to the stats from the vendor, even a 20 to 1 ratio (hops to sales) it would have resulted in about $750 in affiliate commissions.  So it would be like multiplying your money by a factor of 37 day in and day out.  They must have made a very large amount of money in these days.

Annnnnnd… take this a step further…any time there is a new platform that people are starting to flock too…the platform will eventually roll out an advertising program and I bet that most times the ad rates are very low in the beginning and this is a huge opportunity for marketers to make some quick cash.