Now that I have finished the 7 habits of highly effective people

Miguel Constantin Montes I learned a lot about the framework of the 7 habits of success and I think it is amazing.

The book is well written and gave me a lot to think about and to put into my life.  I also saw some of the areas where I could improve and others around me.  I highly recommend this book.

If you are interested in the book, the link below takes you to it on amazon…its an affiliate link and I will make a commission from it which will help to support this blog and be appreciated.

So I set up a wordpress plugin to automatically post to facebook and twitter…

Isaque Pereira Now, i took a look at the posts it was making to twitter…good stuff….then facebook and it is shooting up the post to facebook with an image… however I didnt add any images to the post so that is obviously kinda lame.

So, I want to have a featured image for all my posts, but I don’t want to search around for the right image and I don’t want to rip an image of the net and use it when that is not legit.

Now I gotta find a good place for free stock images that are royalty free and free to use for any purpose.

So I did a google search, found pexels…at this time it says the images are licensed for free to use commercially or personally.  And there are some adds on the page for a paid service as well.  So the pexels free image service is also a marketing tool to get them customers for the paid service as well…but hey I like the images on pexel so I will tolerate the ads.

Then I searched for a plugin for pexels to be able to add pics to my wp site easily and fast and found wp pexels so I am now giving that a whirl.

I have spent a few minutes playing around with the plug in and have found that it works good for inserting an image into the post.  However, if you want to add a featured image or save the image to your blog it requires a payment of $15 (at the time of writing this post).

So I tested the plugin out…i like the way it works…am sticking with the free version for now cause all i need to do is add the image to the post and its all good for showing up by automation to facebook.

With all that said, I have come to realize that what might appear to be speed…in that I can write one post on my blog and have it automatically posted to facebook, twitter and other social media instantly and without any thought, decisions or effort… is actually just an automation process or system that makes it all work.

So essentially, by spending an hour or so setting up automation, it saves hundreds of hours of time and energy later on.  And much of success is spending less energy to get more in return.

How to get more gold

After discovering a friend of mine has a good interest in books and of good books it definitely encouraged me to read more.  Over the past 5 years or some I have been on a self improvement path that includes studying psychology, business, marketing and relationships.

I even set out on a few missions because of once sentence in a book.  This was a good mission to set out on, however I was blind to the reality of how hard it would be and what the situation was that I was walking into.

When that happened, I was essentially floored and started to loose trust in many of the things I was learning… not being able to trust became a hurdle to get over within itself.

As it turns out, I learned a huge lesson, one of them being that walking into a business where, to use the example of the Goose laying golder eggs, someone has taken advantage of the goose, and essentially left it to dwindle away over the long term is a difficult position to walk into.

At the time, I couldn’t quite understand why some people throughout the organization where acting and doing the things they were doing.  But not, after going through the experience I have learned that when the person at the top is looking to get all the golden eggs without taking care of the goose…look out.

I witnessed how it effected many people throughout the organization, employees, managers, vendors and even the public.  It was a difficult thing to be a part of.  I kept thinking there was a way to turn it around…however I underestimated the length of time a turn around takes, and how much more difficult it is when people with the leadership positions in a company are not on the right path.

I was naive, after having success before, I thought I could do it again… however the organization I was walking into was a lot different than the organizations I had success in.  Essentially, it was a failing business, the start of the failure was many years in the making and before I even showed up on the scene.

It left me feeling like a failure, and acting like a looser.  It was hard.  Getting over the emotions of it all took a very very long time.

So, mostly out of it all now.  And back at a point where it feels like this quote applies:

“We shall not cease from exploration, and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time.” – T. S. Eliot

I feel like I am back where I started, however it is very different than what I remember it feeling like.  Cause I know where I am, and the path to where I want to go…and I know its a long process to get back up to where I want to be.  And that is how it works…especially after taking a fall.

After going through a very challenging time, that essentially ended with a different result then what I wanted…i got confused… and was grieving.

I had to straighten out my brain, my emotions, recover from a burn out. etc. etc.

And, I have to admit, reading a lot of success books has helped me recover.

Today I am reading (this is an affiliate link, if you purchase from this link you will be supporting this blog).  I am about 74 pages in and it says to share what I have learned within 48 hours.  So I am sharing what I have learned within a few minutes lol.

Once I got into the Goose and the Golden egg, it someone connected things that happened, why they happened and how to see them coming…as well as what to do to get more golden eggs.

I have learned that sometimes drive, resistance, positive attitude are not enough.  You need them all, however if there are people in top positions that do not take care of the goose, the golden eggs will not be produces.

Thank you Stephen R Covey for writing this book and being able to teach from it well.

I only hope more people read it and understand it and use it to further grow in their own lives.

Do What You Can’t!

One of my favourite youtube guys is this guy below… and his latest video is kinda inspiring in all the same ways that Jack Ma inspires, or Tony Robbins.

3 out of 4 people you meet are hungering for this one thing!

I am a big fan of Dale Carnegie… and I have to admit, me just saying that has made me think about how I don’t like it when people are “fans” of some things.  So, I am going to rationalize this thing as being a fan of something good is good and being a fan of something not good is not good.

Anyhow, back to Dale Carnegie.  I have a friend with a business and sometimes I irritates me a bit that he seems to have sympathy for somethings where I don’t think he should.  It seems like it holds him back from achieving a business goal or life goal some times.  When this negative feeling comes up for me in those situations I was tending to think what he was doing is not what needs to be done…but I know I have to reflect on it more, cause maybe it was just me wanting some sympathy and seeing it given to someone else made me jealous lol.  Only really after reading the Dale Carnegie book and coming accross a certain sentence in the book have I admitted that I was wrong in my thinking on my buddy having to much sympathy.  And now I even realize that I probably love sympathy!  wow.  I finally admit it.  Apparently this is a pretty common thing to love sympathy cause even in  (affiliate link, if you buy this book, you will be supporting this blog) Dale Carnegie says “three fourths of the people you will ever meet are hungering and thirsting for sympathy.  Give it to them and they will love you.”

Being as I have a lot of respect for Dale Carnegie, because of reading his book, watching his videos, and from mentions by very successful people the two sentences above speak to me very load and clearly.

And this helps me to figure out what was going one when I have seen people not want to give someone sympathy, they reacted to the person expressing a need for it as an act of weakness.  However, as I have learned, vulnerability is power, so maybe the people that didn’t want to give sympathy didn’t feel loved, didn’t know how to love, or needed sympathy themselves, or maybe they just felt helpless at the time.  It seems to me, that it was something like that anyway.

So I guess I will have sympathy for the person that can not give sympathy as well and hopefully (fingers crossed) the would be a good way of leading them into a better way of doing things.  And I have to admit, I was not much better myself when I didn’t like my buddy giving someone else sympathy cause I probably just wanted it myself too lol.

This has become a good lesson for me, and I look forward to being more sympathetic in the future, and see what happens from it!

In case you want to purchase the book and support this blog…here is an amazon link to the book.

One small thing that will help increase the rank of your website

One of the things I do constantly is build links to my websites.  One of the simplest ways to do this (and make it pretty much automatic) is to start your own personal blog and have a link to your business website in the side bar.

Then, with each time you create a post on your personal blog a new page is created on the internet and that page automatic has a link to your business website.