This is good

It might seem crazy but there are definitely things that affect us in sooo many ways and most people don’t realize it.

Here is a perfect example of this.  Steve Jobs shared his top 10 songs he listened to.  I will make a bet that if you listen to all the songs it will change your state of mind, have you having different feelings and wanting to do different things then what you did before you listened to the songs.

The game is different than Simon Sinek thinks it is

I recently had a conversation with a friend about how kids are different today then they were 20 years ago.  This is a frequent topic amoung parents.  Is this a millennial thing or just another case of different generations thinking the new generation is doing it all wrong and vice versa.

I think there are somethings that are different and those things are defintely huge differences.  For instance, people make a big deal about tinder being an instant date type thing, however I remember going on mirc (an internet chat room) 20 years ago and that chats resulted in lots of in person dates.  Often these chats involved an exchange of pictures as well.  So, definitely tinder made it more instant to exchange the pic…really it is not that much different.

Where it comes down to the big difference is we are all walking around with what used to be a home computer…but in our pockets.  And this home computer in our pockets is using the infinite game mentality (more about that in the video).  So at any time we are bored we just pull a computer out of our pocket with an infinite amount of entertainment, movies, games etc.  We now have this at our disposal whenever we want and wherever we are.

The pocket computer is changing how we do many things things and made us capable of working remotely…dating remotely…banking remotely etc.  And I have to admit that I am liking using an app to order something to have it ready when I arrive so that I don’t have to wait in line, or wait for them to make it and also I get to skip saying no to an upsell attempt by a cashier.  So I can get on with what I am doing with less distractions because of my pocket computer.

At the same time there are also things being pumped into my pocket computer and trying to get my attention and keep me distracted all day.  In fact, I could literally be distracted on my phone all day very easily.

So, more than anything, the pocket computer gives us lots of potential power and also the potential to loose power and people have to get used to dealing with it…or better yet… learning how to keep their power by saying no to many requests for our attention which inevitably are just distractions and a waste of our time.

If I was to go to starbucks and interac with the cashier I would likely enjoy the interaction except…they don’t know me and are going to be doing the customer service thing the company promotes which ends up seeming really fake after a 20 times.  So, I would rather use the app, cause it keeps it real.

It could very well be that so much of the new stuff in business is all about interacting online that our skillset is moving into that more and more and we are skipping the real world interactions just because thats were business is going.

So, to Simon Sineks point…I see some merit in what he is talking about with the millennials, however, if the same millennials started documenting their lives and their journey and share it with their other millennial buddys this would likely turn into a growth thing all by itself.  And these people might actually have a business developed out of it in the same way Simon himself has.

I disagree with Simon on parts of this issue… cause it is likely that the leaders that are baby boomers are not fully utilizing Facebook and instagram themselves to lead the millennials, and that is a big miss on the leaderships part…and to prove this point more…their are plenty of millennials who are leading using instagram.



The 80 Twenty Rules and Thinking Fast and Slow

Yesterday I watched a Tai Lopez youtube video and he was at some amusement park and a random guy started talking to him.  Near the end of their conversation the guy mentioned he was reading a book call Think Fast and Slow.  Tai also highly recommended it so I took a look and found a bunch of videos on youtube about the book and the author.

So here is a video of a google talk the author did:

Its kind of interesting and this dude has one a nobel prize… and he is a psychologist but one a nobel prize in economics.  To me, that means this dude is on to something.  And I suppose that some dude that has one a nobel prize in economics might write a good book.

I haven’t read the book yet…but it is likely to be the next one I read.



Day 006 – Checking up on results

Here it is, the Monday of a long weekend and I hop onto facebook to check my facebook ads.  Since yesterday… only one more click is showing on the facebook ad stats.  I will let the ad run some more, as I want to see at least 20 clicks before I am seriously debating whether or not to continue running the ad, fine tune the ad or change it up and send the visitors to a website I have created and see if I can capture email addresses and build a list myself.

On a side note… I am keeping myself focused in a certain direction by watching a few youtube videos and am likely going to continue reading the Mastery book by Robert Greene.

So, one of the people I like to watch is Oprah (even though some people will laugh at me for it).  Today I am taking in a video with Oprah and Brene Brown.  I got onto Brene Brown from her video about the anatomy of trust.

There seems to be some things in life…both personal and business that can be tough, and I like to see how others, that are successful, deal with certain types of situations.  As you can see from the above video, even after 25 years of success, starting a network was a very hard thing for Oprah to do.  I find it very interesting to hear her talk about it and how she got through it and what she did.



Consistency or duration? How to get more power

I watched another Tai Lopez video which he talks about how some guy said that he does not fear the guy that practiced 1,000 kicks in a day, he fears the guy that practices one kick for 1,000 days.

And Tai also talks about how working out 30 minutes a day for 16 days will do more for you that working out for 8 hours in one day.

Everything in life seems to grow like this.  There is a sort of exponential growth curve with almost everything in life….financial success, career success, relationship success.

Most people have a hard time understanding this effect.  If someone starts to work out it will be very hard at first to stay in a consistent daily routine.  But once that routine is established over a month or so…it starts to become a part of normal life.  And then, hopefully, the person working out 5 days a week does not give up the routine or risks loosing the momentum gained and simply loosing the habit.

The same can be said for a career.  Typically everyone starts at the bottom…or even if you enter near the top, there is still a sort of curve that starts because you have to get to know everyone and everyone has to get to know you etc.

Except, there may be short cuts to some of this, sort of.  Its more like a way to increase the exponential growth instead of limiting it.  The best example of this is someone that is really good at say marketing and makes a lot of videos about it and tells there story.  Then this person is reaching a lot of people and they sorta get to know the person.  Then when they actually meet face to face they can skip the getting to know the new guy routine and get rolling, because this person is already a commonly accepted guru or expert in the field.

The same things happen with relationships as well, friendships, family and romantic relationships as well.  All those people posting things on facebook and instagram are essentially using tools to tell their story to a lot of people, to keep them in their loop sort of thing.

One of the guys that made it on youtube (Casey Neistat) said he has started to realize there are two things in life… work and family.  I definitely agree that things in life can be put into those two categories.  Funny thing is he said he thinks he was work figured out but not family.  Yet he probably has family figured out…he just doesn’t know it.

Anyhow the point to this post is that there are many tools out there to get peoples attention.  And getting peoples attention is one of the 48 laws of power.  So don’t be scared to use it, or think its dumb.  Its a tool, that like anything else…if you get good at using it and master it…you could get a huge amount of attention and that also means you get a lot of power.

That’s just one of the ways life works… a lot of it is simply who has more power….so, if you want more…take a look at the 48 laws of power and go get some more.

Take a look at the video below:


The Rich20Something Book – aka Ditch Your Day Job

Over the last few days I read a book.  It was a totally random selection where I was in the bookstore and simply took about 15 seconds to select a book to read in the entrepreneur section.

For some reason I picked the Rich 20 Something book.  It turns out that the author of the book is also the one that started the instagram account think grow prosper…which…simply by chance…I had already become a follower of on my instagram account.

The book starts off as an easy read and there are many chapters that support the entrepreneur mindset and it seems to be very good advice.  The kind of stuff that every entrepreneur needs to keep themselves surrounded with as many of the people in our lives do not see life the same way…and that is not a positive effect on the entrepreneur.

The book brought back my entrepreneurial spirit, gave me some insightful impulses and a few new ideas.  As well it laid out a template to follow for achieving online success that anyone could use.

For me personally, the section about networking was an important one.  As I have had the temptation to build a business network in my city however was skeptical about doing it as it would take time and some work, and would it actually be successful?  Who knows…i have been to other business networking events only to find a lot of people who were just starting out their businesses which made it not likely to have a mutually beneficial business relationship.

Reading it in the book, that is reading the importance of a network of influences was something that I was glad to hear again.  And seeing how it helped out Daniel Dipiazza was enlightening.  It helps to keep being a believer when you hear about it happenning to other people as well.  As always…keeping the faith is important.   And as the book think and grow rich preaches…Desire and Faith (Love) is the driving force behind anything that is accomplished.  And its good!

I will keep think and grow rich at the top of my list for business success books.  And I will put Rich 20 Something at the top of my list for people that want to make it online, especially for young people and even more for older ones…cause it is part of the new game…using technology.

After reading the Rich 20 Something book…i am tempted to start a rich 40 something website, however this will go on my kanban board…cause it is already getting pretty full lol.