Another step up in the automation process

Pixabay A while ago I signed up with buffer, which allows me to post on a bunch of different social media sites by clicking a button and a few seconds to post everywhere.

Now, I want to get even more exposure that just a few sites automatically updated when I publish a post.  More leverage if you will.

So I downloaded the jetpack plugin which is set up to automatically send my blog posts to facebook, google+, linked in, tumblr, path and one other.

This has already turned out to be a big help, cause half the time, once you are done writting a post, the last thing you want to do is have to spend another few minutes manually posting or even using buffer.  With jetpack publicize its just done for ya.


This guy is alright… take a look

His name is Keith Kalfas and he started a landscaping business a while ago.  He has made a load of videos, looks like almost daily and has built a following of 40k subscribers on youtube (at the time of writing this post).

He was some excellent advice when it comes to running a landscaping business and also about life itself.  Taking a look through his videos and seeing him at the start to now being at a point where he says he has $20,000 in revenue a month is quite the interesting process to witness… truely inspiring.

I have had this blog for about 4 months

And I have to admit a few things…

I have had my own blogs before…and then closed it.  After a while I wanted to start one up again but couldn’t get into it, I kinda thought what is the point.

However, after getting over the initial start up of the website, getting the domain name, setting up the website and customizing the appearance I started slowly with the occasional post here and there.

Now, after about 4 months I have written 4 or 5 posts in the last few days…. I am on roll.

When you aren’t winning…learn to start winning again

In public school everything was a breeze, my school sent me to a different school for 2 days because it had a “gifted” program.  I was actually super excited about going to it and trying it out…until…in the class there was a kid that used to go to my school and he was the one that got picked on at this new school.  The kid wouldn’t leave me and my buddy alone at recess and lunch.  It was annoying… cause I was one of the cool kids at my school.

On top of that…it seemed the kids in the gifted class were geeks.  At least to me they were.  So, when I got home I just told my mom that I didn’t want to go to the gifted program at the other school.

I returned to my school and was happy as shit to be there.  With my friends…havin fun.

At the end of grade 8, I was slotted to receive 3 awards… if I remember correctly they were sportsmanship, highest grades, and I cant remember the third one.  However, when my home room teacher read out the grades for the french subject, I only had something like a 63, however it was the highest of the boys in french so I celebrated winning….however my teacher did think it was appropriate to celebrate a 63 so she blocked me from getting the highest grade award for boys.

I suppose she was trying to punish me or teach me a lesson or something, but even now, more than 20 years later I can still say that it was a lame ass move on her part.  She could have easily talked to me about it, as would be expected from adults…however she hit me below the belt…even still I laughed it off… cause really it just showed her weakness and my power to influence her….cause it was just lame (I think I have said that enough now lol).

Anyhow, I got the highest grade of boys… but it was easy for me.  I was always the top or one of the top boys in sports as well… I was a natural.

Then high school came and it was easy too.  I didn’t work at it much and passed everything easily except english class, cause I just hated it.

Then on to my part time job I started at 16, it turned into a full time job at 19 and then I ran the joint at 22.  I made my own schedule, had a staff of 35 and was more or less just cruising along in the position at the time.

All of these things were relatively easy for me.  I just set my goal and did it.  I got what I wanted.

Later I started 2 small businesses, made money and was cruising along again.  I remember putting my feet up on the coffee table at home at 2:30 pm on Fridays and drinking a rye and coke and thinking THIS IS GOOD.

So all that was great.  Fast forward a few years… i got married, bought my second house, was running 2 businesses (and a full time job at one point).  I had a son as well.

And I started working 8am to 8pm 7 days a week, cause I loved it.  I was drinking a lot of coffee in the morning and drinking at least a 2L bottle of coke each day.  I remember when it was like a super big deal if there was not a full 2L of coke in the fridge in the morning lol.

Anyhow it was all good…for a while… then I got divorced… was kinda pissed about it and said screw it all and moved to another city.  My thought then was that I would just start something new and carry on.

However, in the years after that, I found that I got stuck working for some stressed out people in businesses that were not fun at all.  It was not anything like my previous part time job…which I ended up loving…that turned into me running the thing.

Then I worked with some other business owners, as an employee at one point and as a consultant with a bunch of other business owners.  All I found is that they were are all super stressed out… pretty much all the time.  I suppose, they were like me when I was working 8am to 8pm 7 days a week lol.

So, I have learned that if you want a regular job that you might end up loving…work for a big huge company…. and if they are trailblazing by providing a new product or service that is hugely in demand…even better.  Everyone will be happy, cause the owner(s) will be happy as the money is rolling in.

It is the strangest thing to think that some business owners will be very tough on an employee and expect them to turn around a be super happy serving a customer.  However, I have to admit I have done this a few times when I wasn’t in the best state of mind.  However I have matured and don’t do that no more.

Anyhow, my point here is that for the longest time, I was winning with work… and very easily.  And I have come to realize that the biggest contributor to it was that I did so when I was in a big huge company or even a school.  Cause…its just very different that working for a small company or even the individual business owner when they aren’t making money or even worse when they are in a huge amount of debt and trying to make it out.  And I am just the same, I have done the going up and the going down as well.

So, after myself doing the winning and loosing…I have drawn the conclusion that when you are loosing you just have to learn to start winning again.  There are a whole lotta options to turn it around.  Some are not so pretty…but I am certain there is always a way.  We just have to be wise enough to choose the right way and not get stuck in the death spiral of loosing for too long as there is a risk of it getting way worse.

The inspiration for this post really came from reading the book 

At first they ignore you…

A couple interesting guys in the video below.

One of my favourite parts of the interview is Tai saying that Ghandi said:

At first they will ignore you.

Then they will laugh at you.

Then they will hate you.

And after all those stages they will love you.


I made a video

I am always looking to up my game… and want to make more videos for youtube and on websites cause sooo much stuff is going there.

So I made a video for my business Decato Agency and here it is…let me know what you think!

The 5 Steps To Success

I am reading Ray Dalio’s book and am thankful to find a book with well laid out processes for various principles in life…hence the name of the book is Principles.

Once of the principles he talks about in his book is the 5 Steps to Success.  I myself have had some great successes, both short and long term and also had some great failures.  I have spent some time looking back at them both and wondered what exactly it was that made one success and the other great.  Sometimes, basically setting a goal and then getting there no matter what was enough….one of the longest goals I set for myself took 4 years to achieve.  It was absolutely an amazing feeling when I achieved the goal.  It is one of the best things on my track record of success.

Once I achieve that goal, I essentially set a new one and did it in about 1.5 years.  And that was very rewarding as well.  It was one of those things that I knew I could do better then the people I have seen do it, so I decided to do it and did it very well.

Then, on the other hand, I have had some big failures, even on things I have worked at for years.  I have reflected on these and have come up with a few things I could have done differently and it would have worked out differently.  In other words, I could have succeeded, but I let the obstacle get in the way and didn’t figure out or take the time to figure out how to remove the obstacle, or what the next thing to do would be to keep things going in the right direction.

So, for me, reading this book about principles and learning Ray Dalio’s process for success helps, because it seems like it is a process he has refined over many years and used to deal with many challenges.  The more I think about it I realize that many parts of it are very similar to teachings by Tony Robbins, and others.  However the step by step part of it is unique to me and I am going to use it as a process for starting on new challenges and on working through the new challenges as well.

The steps are:

  1.  Set Clear Goals
  2. Identify and Don’t Tolerate Problems
  3. Diagnose the Problem to the Root Causes
  4. Design a Plan for Eliminating Problems
  5. Do What Is Set Out in the Plan

This type of stuff I have seen many business owners use and myself included, more on a being creative to solve an issue and move forward level.  Which essentially fits in with all the steps.  That being, a company sets out a goal and then starts on the path to achieving it.

I suppose the list of 5 steps might seem simplistic, however sometimes big things happen and emotions run high and it is easy to make a quick decision then days later realize it was not the best decision to make.

The book goes into good detail about each step and is very usefull in providing essentially a thinking process about how to best move through eat step and get the best result.

In case you want to check out the book, here is an affiliate link, which if you purchase from it, will help to support this blog.