A class act – Floyd Mayweather vs Connor McGregor

I watched the fight and couldn’t believe the commentators talking about the first few rounds.  According to them they didn’t think Floyd had control of the fight in the first few rounds.

It seemed pretty obvious that Floyd was taking it easy and letting Connor over work himself to the point that he would run out of gas later in the fight.  Then later on…sure enough… Floyd decided Connor was about to run out of gas so might as well show him how its done.

And sure enough the commentators said that the tide was changing when Floyd started the last chapter of the fight…which was finish it.  The tide wasn’t changing it was just the tide rising the whole time right from the beginning of the fight and Connor going down right from the start of the fight.

I admire the way Floyd makes a game plan and sticks to it.  It is a good message to everyone that making a plan and sticking to it works.

Then, on to the after-fight press conference…Floyd shows even more class and also plays the game, by loving the game with the press… they were all helping to promote each other in the press conference.

Take a look:


How to make the most of opportunties

I have spent a lot of time with business owners and am one myself and have come across many different opportunities… I have got into some opportunities and watched as other business owners got into some opportunities.

Some of the opportunities have worked and some have turned out to be not so good.  There have also been times where there has been a very good opportunity that I didn’t see and just let it pass by.

There is a strategy about opportunities, how to recognize the good ones and what to do when one comes up.

And…opportunities sometimes come when you least expect them!

The $10 Digital Marketing Agency Startup

The world of marketing is still changing over into digital marketing.  Now is a great time to start your own digital media marketing agency.

One of the top marketing influencers has put together a book with a step by step information on how to start your digital marketing agency for $10.


People do not resist this

Its a Sunday in London Ontario and I am taking a day to myself to get myself organized for the week and also tend to my goose, which will lay golden eggs.  ( reference lol) btw that is an affiliate link.

After reading the 7 habits book I was most struck by the story about the goose and the golden eggs.  In that essentially if you kill the goose to try and get more golden eggs, you end up getting no eggs at all.

It seems that so many people do this, myself included.  It can be hard to change a habit of not trying to get more out of something in the moment and relax into knowing you will have more the next day and even over the years to come if you take care of the goose instead of destroying it.

So here I am, sitting on my couch, and working on one of my geese (which happens to be this blog).  I admit that at first it was hard to get back into after leaving website stuff for a couple years…but now that I am back into it for a few months it gets easier and easier to sit down and write a blog post.

The other difficult part of blogging is getting used to putting yourself out there because what people will think of what you say can be a scary thing.  This seems to be one of the lessons of growing up… walk into your fears.  It seems like it will actually set me free.  And we all want to live a free life…just achieving it is a scary process, especially if you are going it alone, starting your own business and being responsible for a public win or a public failure.

After going through some amazing times of high achievement (at least for myself at the time) and then taking some pretty big hits and getting knocked down hard, I was sent into pondering and reflection mode for quite some time.  Usually I can easily get back up after a hit and learn the lesson and get back on the horse very quickly.  But the last time was a hit that I had not felt before and a lot of stuff was gone from life in one day.  I had a hard time with it…I was burnt out when it happened which was part of the recipe for a challenging time.

Now that I have gotten through most of the difficulties I am slowly getting back on track and building geese, one at a time.  Starting over was not easy but it is the way back to getting what I want.

During some of that time I had a few people trying to change me and I was trying to change a few people as well… cause we all thought it would help.  But after reflecting on it all I started to realize that you can’t change people (i think i knew this, but didn’t want to accept it actually).

I learned from this about changing people:

People do not resist change, they resist being changed. David Loney

People do not resist change, they resist being changed.

David Loney

What does it mean when people say you are smart? Find out here

In my childhood…I would say things and people would often comment that I was “smart”.  In my teens they said the same thing, and I was even sent to a gifted program at another public school to try out the gifted class for 2 days.

Having people call me smart was a reoccurring theme and even recently in my adult life I have people call me smart.  I could not really understand why I get that comment so much because to me its just obvious…but I still needed the answer.

And then, in this video of Eban Pagan…he starts to fill in the answer about 25 minutes in… (take a look)

How to design your life

I have heard this saying before… life by design.

But then, what exactly does that mean? I suppose it can have many meanings, or maybe it just has one?  If it does have one what exactly does it mean?  For some reason over the last few weeks I have had this saying bouncing around in my head:

Form Follows Function

For me this seems to mean stuff like the road is designed or formed in a certain way to allow vehicles to drive on it.  It has to be smooth, it has to last a long time and people have to be able to stop and go on it.

This type of thinking relates to the functions of our lives…the people we have in it, the friends, the family etc.

I have spent some time building businesses and many times it seemed I kept running to road blocks.  Each time I had to figure out the best way to get rid of the road block, go around the road block.  And even with taking care of the road block there are many ways and even simple to complex ways of doing that, and I have found it best to put some thought into which method to use.

When I hit a road block, I have come to realize that I have many options and some are quick and easy and some are hard and long.  And with out a doubt, each option chosen will result in coming up to another road block at some point.  This is why I have learned that some road blocks take time to come up with the best answer and others do not.  Essentially the first step to to analize the road block to determine if it is something that just needs a quick fix or does it need a long one.

One of the challenges in hitting a road block is that it might be the result of taking a path that was many years long…so it is not so easy to go back and start over… doing that could take 2 years or more.

With all that said, when choosing a life by design, the first part seems to be choosing to do something you like, or love and realizing it could be something that is a life long journey.  So it might as well be worth it.  And this goes back into living a purpose driven life… if you have purpose it will be worth while.  If there is no meaning to what you are doing…you just won’t care and will stop putting effort into the challenges of continuous road blocks that will always come.

At the same time, we all start out small and then learn the path with less road blocks, and even if you have taking one path and given up, start again and it will probably be easier to get where you want to go, because you have had the experience of the previous road blocks.

Here is a good video by Rick Warren:

The day after reading the 7 habits

So I have been reading more and more books lately and I have to admit that as I am reading more I am actually sort of getting used to reading more just like how going to the gym at first is a pain in the ass and then later on becomes something you just want to do every day.  The same thing is happening with reading books.

I have to admit that I was skeptical when watching Tai Lopez’s talk about reading lots of books.  Seemed kinda like ya right, don’t need the books, I can just do all of it myself.  However, I am pretty sure that was just a bad attitude of mine because after reading a lot more books I am drawing connections between them all and it is also giving me this impact:

  • reminder of principle focus
  • reminder to stay focused
  • keeps the noise of life from taking over my mind
  • its rejuvenating
  • increases my knowledge
  • can relate to what the top leaders are referring to when they talk about something in a book

And I have to add to that list and mention that it gives me a “common ground” as a lovely lady I know says.

So I have google play books on my phone for when I go chill in the park and like to read.  And now that I have read the 7 habits of highly effetive people I need to keep reading more, while at the same time implenting the golden nuggets I got from the books I already read.

As I have read more and more I am now turning into one of those people that is bookmarking the parts I really like.  Its a change from doing it in a book form to on my phone or laptop but I am sure I will get used to it at some point soon.

At the same time, I pretty much want to keep a book myself of the things I really gained from each book, so that I can review them later, efficiently and effectively.  That by itself is probably a good idea for a book or ebook.

Anyhow as I read more and more I am seeing how it benefits me more and more and essentially helps to keep my mind going in the right direction.  Because with all the noise out there in the world, coming back to principles or always staying with them is important for each persons success.