How to avoid the slimy sell

There is a guy who I starting following many years ago.  This guy started a study guide for an architect course because there wasn’t one available online.  This got him some dollars rolling in and he ended up starting a full time online business from that and the off shoots from it.

Now a days he makes more money (according to his website) in one month than most people make in a year.  And much of it is passive income.

So, he also has an amazing blog with all sorts of good content to help people make money online and he has a podcast too.

Last night I decided to get back into following him and subscribed to his podcasts and I have to admit I am more into them now then before.  I actually think that after having much more experience myself I am able to read between the lines on the stuff they are talking about and each podcast I have heard so far is full of golden nuggets.

For anyone new to making money online or even far into it, i highly recommend his podcasts and his blog.

Take a listen, you will probably be glad you did!