When are you gonna start doing what you want?

When are you gonna start doing what you want?

Warren Buffett has a few things to say about it.  And he will probably have you laugh while learning from his wisdom.

Things that Warren Buffett looks for when he hires people…

  1. Intelligence
  2. Initiative
  3. Integrity

And he says, if you don’t have the third one, the first two will hurt ya.


The 50th Law – Robert Greene

I have recently been turned on to Robert Greene as he has an interesting story and how his book the 48 laws of power came about intrigued me.  And, who ever thought this would happen, be partnered with 50 cent to write the 50th law.

Here is a slick video about the book:

It is live – Day 005

Today is a Sunday…its 8:32 AM my time and I could not resist checking the facebook ad stats to see if the ad started rolling yet.  So I openned up a browser went on facebook, got a little distracted by peoples birthdays and a few other weird posts (like some people I know in a drive thru) then I looked in the right column to see this:

So there we go… about $2.50 per click.  This means I need to generate more than that in return to have something that will be a profit generator.

I am in Canada, so the per click rate converts to $1.85 USD.  The vendor provides some stats from its own actual sales with 3 different sources of traffic, which the vendor states on their website are from affiliates they tested with over a 2 week period.  Below are the stats:

$3.51 USD per hop, 14 hops per order
$2.89 USD per hop, 16 hops per order
$5.45 USD per hop, 8 hops per order

So, to be on the safe side of things (until i get my own actual results) I am going to look at the lowest performer, the $2.89 per hop (hop meaning click to the site).  And because the sales sometimes are random (not every 16 hops will result in a sale, sometimes it will be 2 or 3 in 16 and then it might be 1 in 50 hops) I am seeing it as important to triple the number of hops required to make the first sale as part of the test.  So this would mean that I should expect to pay 48 hops x $1.85 = $88.80.  This would give me a realistic (and proven by my own numbers) test result.

The idea here though is to only spend $20 on a test.  However, $20 will only give me 10 clicks from facebook.  And, if I am lucky and get 1 order in 10 hops then I will be super happy…but I don’t think that is likely.

The second consideration

The product I am promoting has a very well put together marketing funnel.  Essentially there are 8 products that is sells in the funnel.  The commission rate is 75% or more on all the products.  And in clickbank the stats provided by clickbank show the average sale is $49 so the average commission is around $37.  So another way to look at it is simply that I need to spend less than $37 on ads to get the sale.  This almost seems like gambling.  I guess it is, except that I will be able to define where the ads are showing up, the group of people they show up for, the time of day etc etc.  So there is the possibility that I could narrow the demographics and then get a pretty consistent result.

This also makes me realize that there are likely products that sell well on facebook and finding the right one could be all it takes.  So, looking at it a little differently I am simply matching people with a product.  If I pick the right product and the right people the sales *should* happen.  And then I am essentially just getting paid to match people with products and services.  The better I get at it the more I will make.

And another consideration is that I have heard a lot from high level marketers about the days when google ads were like $0.05 per click.  I remember when google ads first came out…and now I can see why the marketers loved it so much…then would have been able to get 20 hops for this product for $1.  Better yet, they would have got 400 hops for this product for $20 and according to the stats from the vendor, even a 20 to 1 ratio (hops to sales) it would have resulted in about $750 in affiliate commissions.  So it would be like multiplying your money by a factor of 37 day in and day out.  They must have made a very large amount of money in these days.

Annnnnnd… take this a step further…any time there is a new platform that people are starting to flock too…the platform will eventually roll out an advertising program and I bet that most times the ad rates are very low in the beginning and this is a huge opportunity for marketers to make some quick cash.

Day 004 – Test started

After taking a week or so away from it…i decided on a market and put up a facebook ad to test.  I took a look at click bank and picked one of the top products in a category, checked out the tools provided by the vendor, then went to facebook and set up a campaign targeting the demographics that were indicated as the best for the product by the vendor.

Tomorrow I will take a look and see how the test turned out.  And I am pretty interested in seeing if the test worked out with a positive result or if it was a money looser.  Either way, I have prepared myself by expecting a money loss as the result and am feeling like it was an accomplishment to risk the money on a small test…simply to see if it worked or not.

I have a few other markets that I am considering testing as well as my back up plan.



Consistency or duration? How to get more power

I watched another Tai Lopez video which he talks about how some guy said that he does not fear the guy that practiced 1,000 kicks in a day, he fears the guy that practices one kick for 1,000 days.

And Tai also talks about how working out 30 minutes a day for 16 days will do more for you that working out for 8 hours in one day.

Everything in life seems to grow like this.  There is a sort of exponential growth curve with almost everything in life….financial success, career success, relationship success.

Most people have a hard time understanding this effect.  If someone starts to work out it will be very hard at first to stay in a consistent daily routine.  But once that routine is established over a month or so…it starts to become a part of normal life.  And then, hopefully, the person working out 5 days a week does not give up the routine or risks loosing the momentum gained and simply loosing the habit.

The same can be said for a career.  Typically everyone starts at the bottom…or even if you enter near the top, there is still a sort of curve that starts because you have to get to know everyone and everyone has to get to know you etc.

Except, there may be short cuts to some of this, sort of.  Its more like a way to increase the exponential growth instead of limiting it.  The best example of this is someone that is really good at say marketing and makes a lot of videos about it and tells there story.  Then this person is reaching a lot of people and they sorta get to know the person.  Then when they actually meet face to face they can skip the getting to know the new guy routine and get rolling, because this person is already a commonly accepted guru or expert in the field.

The same things happen with relationships as well, friendships, family and romantic relationships as well.  All those people posting things on facebook and instagram are essentially using tools to tell their story to a lot of people, to keep them in their loop sort of thing.

One of the guys that made it on youtube (Casey Neistat) said he has started to realize there are two things in life… work and family.  I definitely agree that things in life can be put into those two categories.  Funny thing is he said he thinks he was work figured out but not family.  Yet he probably has family figured out…he just doesn’t know it.

Anyhow the point to this post is that there are many tools out there to get peoples attention.  And getting peoples attention is one of the 48 laws of power.  So don’t be scared to use it, or think its dumb.  Its a tool, that like anything else…if you get good at using it and master it…you could get a huge amount of attention and that also means you get a lot of power.

That’s just one of the ways life works… a lot of it is simply who has more power….so, if you want more…take a look at the 48 laws of power and go get some more.

Take a look at the video below: