How to Candle Stick Chart Trade and Win

Of course it is good to get the basics of candle stick charts down.  Then there are a few more level that go into reading the candle stick charts because many people just stick with learning the basics or a few patterns to read and then they loose a lot of money because some traders read the patterns of the people trading via candle sticks.  I have learned that each level up provides new opportunities and there is always another level.

So this video will teach you some of the basics and also the next level on how to read what the candle stick chart readers are trading on which provides good insight into the trends.  Beyond that there is the next level where there are people trading on day candle sticks and some trading on 1 hour sticks and some trading on 15 minute sticks, etc.  So find out what those different trends mean for each time frame and how to trade with it.

There is also pattern that a trader calls "the money spot".  He says this is where all the money is made.  Knowing this pattern is probably the best pattern to recognize and isn't taught as a standard or basic pattern in any other course I have seen.

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