Buy a happy meal and get a ____________

This is a pretty surprising thing.  Sooo many times I have heard and read things like:

Rich people read books, the most successful people read books, the best way to build your focus muscle is to read books etc etc.   And then I open up youtube and find this:

Yes, that is right… now at your local mcdonalds you can buy a happy meal for your kid and have the option to get a toy or a book with it.  Wow.

At least McD’s is trying to do some good, and giving people the option.  It will be fascinating to see how long this lasts.  And it is fascinating to see the amount of money being spent to advertise such a thing.

Anyhow, back to what is going on this Saturday morning.  I have been taking a look at Tai Lopez’s social media marketing program and am ready to jump in, however I have some major projects to work on and time is tight for a month, so I am going to have to wait until then.  The biggest thing I get out of watching the videos so far is a bunch of inspiration and a reminder that social media is still where its at…even though some old school people will not believe it…at least its not completely mainstream enough for them to accept it…and this is an advantage to the believers.

I have thought a lot about a pricing structure for a SMMA and here is a pretty good video about how one company does it:

This is pretty slick, how they have it set up and it also seems like this agency focuses on promoting restaurants and bars.  If you have ever wondered about a pricing framework for your social media services check out the video above.


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