Antminer S9 Earnings for 3 weeks mining Bitcoin

One of the youtubers I like to watch is JMS Vlogs.  This dude laws out some good info on bitcoin and his profits with an S9 miner and also with hashflare.

And there was some disappointing news... Hashflare has increased their rate from $1.50 usd per 10 GH/s to $2.20 usd per 10 GH/s.

They just increased the rate by 46% wow.  Even with that price hike I am still liking it, but it definitely goes to show that with the control a person gives up by not having their own miner and going with cloud mining then we are at the mercy of potential price increases per GH/s.  At the same time the new miners that are going to be coming out are likely to have a price increase and there is always the chance that hyrdo costs are going to increase as well.

If the price of Bitcoin goes up it will still bring in some good results.

Take a look at hashflares latest offers here.

Here is his video:

David bought his first bitcoin in Nov. 2017 and has been learning and sharing about cryptocurrencies, mining and trading ever since.

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