A rant about coffee and a life update Dec 2017

So maybe its time for me to get more real.  There are some changes I need to make in my life.  And some changes have already taken place without me even really paying attention to them.

The first one I am really noticing is what I do for coffee in the morning.  As ridiculous as this might sound, for a very long time I would go to tim hortons for coffee in the morning.  Obviously I really like the coffee, however there is probably more to it than that.

#1  Having to take the time to go all the way to tim hortons is just a waste of time.

#2  Having to wait in line is just frustrating, it sucks, and it makes you feel unimportant, cause hey, important people don’t have to wait in line.  And, I used to be able to just walk in to a restaurant and get coffee and food for free.  So having to wait for it and pay just really really sucks.

#3  There are usually new trainees working and this just slows down the line, in fact it could be there is a line only because there are new trainees working.  For some reason they seem to stick them on cash when they are new (probably cause no one else wants to serve people for 8 hours a day (that just sucks)).

#4  There are typically a lot of unusual people in the place, you don’t really feel comfortable cause there are people looking at you that you don’t know and people just gazing off into the distance like they are looking at some mountain tops or something.

#5  You feel like a noboby if you go by yourself, cause no one knows you, not even the staff…cause the turn over rate is so high you typically have a new cashier each time.

#6  When I ran restaurants I used to really like having the same people working on set routines each day of the week, I am pretty sure the customers really liked this cause our sales kept going up.  And I used to think the cashiers were a little crazy for being able to get to know so many customers a little bit but as a customer it is actually kinda nice, and even for the cashier it is kinda nice to see the same people again too.  So going into a restaurant with crazy high turn over if even more of a let down cause I understand the way the place is being run is causing the turnover and the way the system is set up is causing people to leave and want other jobs, cause working at these places is just boring and painful and they want you to look happy and treat the customers like gold when the staff are being treated like a little more than dirt.

#7 The chairs are not comfortable

#8  The view out the window is typically just a parking lot.  Very boring

#9  These places are just set up as cash cows, get people in and out as quickly as possible while having to pay as little as possible to serve them.  It shows and it feels that way.

#10  The coffee is relatively consistant, however the baked goods are always different, sometimes I get a donut that is really soft, sometimes the glaze is not try and it just sticks to everything.  Maybe one it ten times do I get a donut that is made properly.

#11  The place just turns into something that the only thing that makes me happy about it is the coffee, which I would rather just go through the drive through and get a coffee cuz the rest of the experience is just disappointing.

Which all that said… I have now changed into a person that would rather make my morning coffee at home, cause is way more convenient, I don’t have to wait in line, I don’t have to see a complete stranger that is stressed because they are new and still learning the job, I don’t have to see a bunch of strangers in the dining room that are all just waking up.  And I get to save a lot of money, cause for some reason I used to pay $1.75 a cup to put up with all this crap.

So I started making coffee at home and low and behold I felt like I had more time, it was more enjoyable to just make it without all the other crap involved and I suppose I was just going out to get coffee to try and feel good but it was actually having the opposite effect.

Now that all of that is out of the way, I have done a bunch of thinking or it might be pondering about life.

There was a time long ago where I used to have a lot of fun at work… I actually looked forward to it.  But I ended up starting my own business after being laid off by a guy that but the restaurant that I used to run…he wanted to pay someone to run it half of what I was being paid…and a few years later the sales dropped and he lost the restaurant.  What a waste.

Any how, when the restaurant was corporately owned I used to love going to work, it was fun for me, I was good at it and there was always something to learn there.  I also enjoyed working with the staff…I worked my way up over a few years and became the General Manager.  I had a lot of fun doing that…at least for a while, then I got really good at it and got kinda bored, I am pretty sure I needed to get a promotion to take on a new challenge.

So, the thing I am considering here is that at one time I was very driven as far as work goes and even very driven as far as socializing goes.  But over the last few years I have not been able to find that same drive.  For a bunch of years I even started a few small businesses and worked a full time job as well.  I didn’t really realize it at the time, but I was starting to burn myself out by doing so much.

Lots of stuff has changed since then and I am still looking to find out what it was that was driving me before and why I don’t have the same drive now.  Something changed, I have the desire to get the drive back, but am having a hard time pursuing it with passion, or having it become a passion.

Then I started looking at quotes, cause I remember seeing some quote that came to mind…however I found a different quote from Albert Einstein that may answer my question…

On work ethic

“The state of mind which enables a man to do work of this kind … is akin to that of the religious worshipper or the lover; the daily effort comes from no deliberate intention or program, but straight from the heart.”

[Speech, 1918]

I think there is a part of me that realizes now how much work it is to start up a new career and also how much work it can be to start up a new business.


As my dad told me when I was younger, it takes a lot more energy to get a car to go from  0 km/hour to 5 km/hour than it does to get the car to go from 5km/hr to 10km/hour and it takes a lot more time as well.

One of the interesting things about the car analogy is that at some point it takes a long time to go from say 240 km/hr to 245 km/hr when the car is going full tilt.  (Essentially we can all only go so fast before we exert more energy than its worth to get the extra 5 km/hour).  When going from 0 to 5 km/hr it takes a bunch of work, but then going from 5 to 10km/hour it takes less work and feels great cause you just got 2 X the return with less time and energy.

When someone is trying to get something started this rule applies (at least in a business).

At the same time there are a few other factors that are extremely important.

#1 when an opportunity first presents itself, there is a progression that has to take place.  Otherwise its like stepping on the gas peddle to get up to 5km/hr and then letting off the gas peddle and expecting it go up to 10km/hr based on magic.  However, if you are on a road that slopes down this is actually possible but if its sloping up then you will actually go backwards after letting off the gas peddle.  Most opportunities can be looked at as the road is sloping down in the very beginning, but over time the slope becomes less, then it becomes flat and then it becomes I big up hill climb.  If you were smart enough to take the opportunity when the road was sloping down you wont have to push the gas peddle very far to gain a lot of speed, however if you don’t push the gas peddle at least a little bit to get it going then when the road slopes up you will not have as much speed or momentum to get as far up the hill and maybe make it up to the top.

#2  Choosing the opportunity to take is a challenge, the best opportunity to take is the one that is new (which means that road is sloping down) but be careful cause not all opportunities are created equally.  So how does one choose the opportunity to take?  This I have come to realize is one of the biggest challenges…however they say success leaves clues.  So studying history is a good way of figuring this out.  For myself I have found that being interested in new stuff is one of the best things to do.  Cause this gives you a leading over other people.  For instance, when the internet was first out…i used google every single day to find different stuff online.  All I needed to do was put together that because I used it every single day, once everyone else got on the internet they would be using it every day too.  Hence, once it reaches the “tipping point” or in other words the mass of the general population adopts it, either by choice, influence or actually as a result of no other option then it becomes widespread and then has the attention of the masses which then results in being able to sell ad space and for (in this case) the company to be able to easily launch more products and services because it has the attention of the masses.

To bring it back a bit further, when TV first got going, there were only a few channels and the channels on TV had a huge amount of power cause the attention of the masses where only divided by a few tv channels.  This makes the case that less competition means more power for you as a producer of a product or service.  As soon as there was a hundred TV broadcasters then there power was diminished and they started to loose their power and make a lot less money.

Then taking a look at newspapers, when there was only a few they had lots of power and money…then with the advent of the internet people had tonnes of options to get there news and less eye balls were looking at news papers so they lost their power and ability to sell ad space.

So, I would say that the TV and newspapers did not fall in love with the internet…probably stayed too stubborn and stuck with their old ways.  And then they lost.

The point of this is that getting in when something first starts is one of the biggest advantages one can take.  The biggest multiplyer of rewards comes from getting in on say a company when it first starts… how many times have we heard the story of $50 of coca cola bought in 1929 would would have turned into $1,000,000 or the same thing with microsoft when it first started.

It is important to take from these lessons and even look at the growth curves of these companies from when they first started….then look for the same patterns in companies now adays….

#1 must be doing something no one else is (eg. microsoft made windows software, when the home computer industry was just starting, Apple made computers when others werent)  etc.

#2 pick the winner… take a look at venture capitalists and how they choose companies to invest in… they do something like bet on 10 companies knowing that 9 will fail.  However, they also know that they are picking 10 companies that all have a chance at giving them a 10,000 % return on their investment or 100 times the original investment.  So really, all they are doing is knowing that at least 1 out of 100 companies they pick need to win and they will cover their investment, if 2 out of 100 companies win they get twice their money back.  If 10 out of 100 win they get 10 times their investment back.   So they play the odds and learn to pick very well.  Once they are really good and taking a start up and scaling it and picking the right one, they are likely to be getting 1 out of 5 to be winners.  So the 1 gets them 100 times their money back, the 4 loosers are taken out of that 100 times… so they get 96 times their money back.  Then they can make 96 bets on more companies…with then means they get 19 more winners, so that is now 1,900 times their money back.  That is how quickly money can multiply itself in that enviroment….of course it might take 5 years to get the money back, but doing two rounds, or ten years to get 1,900 times your money is a great ROI…. then add on one more round…  so out of the 1900 times the money is made back, all are put into new companies, and 1 in 5 make it….that results in 380 times the return, and being as the ROI is 100 times the investment that equeals 38,000 times ROI.  So a $1,000 investment turns into $38,000,000 in 15 years.  Or a $1,000,000 investment turns into $38,000,000,000 return.  Then, thats it, enough to do whatever you want in life.

Of course, the actual number of businesses that make it might be 1 in 100 and not 1 in 5.  However I am guessing that a smart VC is going to get 1 out of 5 and maybe the not so good VC’s get 1 in 100.  As a disclaimer… these numbers are just for entertainment only.

So, this is what I am getting into with crypto currencies, cause it is the new thing, the new technology and is starting to become more and more widespread.  In my opinion, it is a great opportunity for people to get in at the start while the road is still sloping down and you don’t need to step on the gas peddle much to get momentum.

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