6 Keys to peace in relationships

I have become a follower of Rick Warren.  He is a Pastor with a lot of youtube videos of his sermons.  When every I am going through something there seems to be one of his Sermons for it.

As I have been on the search for something different in life and to have more balance I am studying a lot.  And then putting into practice what I have learned…which isn’t always so easy…but its worth the work.

Below is a video about the 6 keys to peace in relationships.


The 6 steps:

  1. Integrity – Integrity is the shield in your life
  2. Wisdom is peace loving – Wise people are peace makers not trouble makers (fools love to fight)
  3. I won’t minimize your feelings
  4. I wont criticize your suggestions
  5. I wont empathize your mistakes
  6. I wont disguise my intentions

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