Another step up in the automation process

Pixabay A while ago I signed up with buffer, which allows me to post on a bunch of different social media sites by clicking a button and a few seconds to post everywhere.

Now, I want to get even more exposure that just a few sites automatically updated when I publish a post.  More leverage if you will.

So I downloaded the jetpack plugin which is set up to automatically send my blog posts to facebook, google+, linked in, tumblr, path and one other.

This has already turned out to be a big help, cause half the time, once you are done writting a post, the last thing you want to do is have to spend another few minutes manually posting or even using buffer.  With jetpack publicize its just done for ya.


Habit 3 Putting 1 and 2 together

In the book there are 7 habits to learn (obviously lol).  The first three are about private habits.  And once you have read through habit 1 and 2, the 3rd habit is about putting them together and actualizing them.

As the book describes is about power of will in leading, then managing oneself.  I particularily like that the statement he makes…

Manage from the left, lead from the right

I have been told that I am highly intuitive and this is a right brain function.  For me the challenge is managing myself as I don’t like to do things methodically or do the same thing every day.

This is a personal challenge I will have to over come.  I heard somewhere else that it is a good idea to do 3 hours of chores a day.  That to me means, do the managing oneself for 3 hours a day max…otherwise I will go insane cause I like to be creative and engage with people.  Its fun and fills me with energy.

I also like getting sales daily, cause it gives me a bit of a rush and then I just want to get more sales.  It also sort of validates the work I have to prove that it is working.  It’s a great feeling.

Also, its about being able to make a commitment to oneself to act.  Otherwise we are acted upon…essentially giving up our own will.

And, going being that…its about putting first things first.  With this in mind, E.M. Gray says he found that successful people do the things that unsuccessful people don’t want to do.  They still don’t like doing it, but they do it anyway.

Then, getting into time management or really personal management.  Where do you spend most of your time?  Find out how to best spend your time in this book.  It is quite fascinating.

This guy is alright… take a look

His name is Keith Kalfas and he started a landscaping business a while ago.  He has made a load of videos, looks like almost daily and has built a following of 40k subscribers on youtube (at the time of writing this post).

He was some excellent advice when it comes to running a landscaping business and also about life itself.  Taking a look through his videos and seeing him at the start to now being at a point where he says he has $20,000 in revenue a month is quite the interesting process to witness… truely inspiring.

I have had this blog for about 4 months

And I have to admit a few things…

I have had my own blogs before…and then closed it.  After a while I wanted to start one up again but couldn’t get into it, I kinda thought what is the point.

However, after getting over the initial start up of the website, getting the domain name, setting up the website and customizing the appearance I started slowly with the occasional post here and there.

Now, after about 4 months I have written 4 or 5 posts in the last few days…. I am on roll.

Success Habit 2 – The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People


energepic.comIn running my own businesses I sort of got into a certain groove where I was easily taking on customers and sales were increasing.  Sometimes I would end of working 7 days a week and other times I would work 20 hours a week.  In all this time I didn’t really get the sense of satisfaction of arriving somewhere, it seemed I was always preoccupied with getting more customers.  And at the same time I was managing my businesses.  At some points I had a few going at the same time.

While reading the book it was already provided me with a mental framework for creating businesses and reminded me about following good principles for long term success.

And, while in my own business I would sometimes feel like I was doing a lot of different things…I probably could have used some guidance to make it a little easier and even to help with a growth plan.

In my cleaning business we had more than 100 customers a few staff and my partner all working 5 days a week.  I would end up managing the business and squeezing in time to do more marketing when I could.  I didn’t enjoy managing the business because I wanted to spend more time making it bigger.

There became some struggles when my partner was probably a little bored with cleaning and managing staff and didn’t have the management skills to be able to make her own job easier.

The challenge it seemed was to train my partner on management skills and at the same time be able to focus on making the business bigger.

So, in the book it explains a framework whereas management and leadership are two different things.  And that other business owners have struggled with the same thing.  As well, in my working with other business owners I have also noticed this struggle as well.  Many of them are trying to be the managers of their businesses and at the same time be the leaders of the business.  This creates a sort of dual focus, where managing the business can quickly become a full time job in itself and leave little time for focusing on leadership.

When I was running a restaurant, after a few years I had all the staff trained and performing well and literally only had 30 minutes of work to do each day and then I was bored.  However, the benefit at the restaurant was that it was part of a large corporation where I didn’t have to do any of the leadership of the company as a whole…none of the marketing, financial planning, product planning or anything that was handled by the head office.  In contrast, the small business owner has to consider a lot of things and typically do a 100 different “head office” type roles which is a feat all by itself.

So starting a business out, it is important to start on doing parts of some of the roles in the beginning and gradually build up to having a team of 30 people that can take on the 100 roles required in a large business.

Going from 0 employees to 30 employees is a huge thing, quite the learning curve for someone doing it for the first time, however many have done just that and built million dollar companies in the process.

I have learned a lot, made a lot of mistakes and continue to move forward, however I have learned that reading books about this stuff leads to a huge improvement in success.  Especially with the , essentially breaking down the process or the path that is required to achieve great things in 7 habits.

The first 3 habits are about inside stuff and the second 3 habits about about outside, and the 7th habit is about rejuvenating.  I have gone through one burnout in my life and could have learned the rejuvenating lesson earlier, which my have got me to avoid burning out.

I used to work hard and play hard and essentially burn the candle at both ends.  Now I seek to have a better balance.

The second habit is about the difference between managing and leading and what each role really entails to do it properly.

So I set up a wordpress plugin to automatically post to facebook and twitter…

Isaque Pereira Now, i took a look at the posts it was making to twitter…good stuff….then facebook and it is shooting up the post to facebook with an image… however I didnt add any images to the post so that is obviously kinda lame.

So, I want to have a featured image for all my posts, but I don’t want to search around for the right image and I don’t want to rip an image of the net and use it when that is not legit.

Now I gotta find a good place for free stock images that are royalty free and free to use for any purpose.

So I did a google search, found pexels…at this time it says the images are licensed for free to use commercially or personally.  And there are some adds on the page for a paid service as well.  So the pexels free image service is also a marketing tool to get them customers for the paid service as well…but hey I like the images on pexel so I will tolerate the ads.

Then I searched for a plugin for pexels to be able to add pics to my wp site easily and fast and found wp pexels so I am now giving that a whirl.

I have spent a few minutes playing around with the plug in and have found that it works good for inserting an image into the post.  However, if you want to add a featured image or save the image to your blog it requires a payment of $15 (at the time of writing this post).

So I tested the plugin out…i like the way it works…am sticking with the free version for now cause all i need to do is add the image to the post and its all good for showing up by automation to facebook.

With all that said, I have come to realize that what might appear to be speed…in that I can write one post on my blog and have it automatically posted to facebook, twitter and other social media instantly and without any thought, decisions or effort… is actually just an automation process or system that makes it all work.

So essentially, by spending an hour or so setting up automation, it saves hundreds of hours of time and energy later on.  And much of success is spending less energy to get more in return.

Is it possible to change other people?

No one can persuade another to change.  Each of us guards a gate of change that can only be opened from the inside.  We can not open the gate of another, either by argument or emotional appeal. – Marilyn Ferguson

More about golden eggs

I am reading a book and it says its important to share what you have learned with others right away.  It’s part of a process that changes ones perspective on things when they do it.  Apparently it changes from a negative thing to a positive thing, cause as you share it people like it and want to work/do more with ya and they might even get into the same book you are reading as well.

So here goes…

One of the main ideas with the book, (affiliate link, if you purchase the book from this link you will be helping to support this blog)  is about principles.  And the first principle is about a goose.

There is a farmer who has a goose and one day he noticed the goose has laid a golden egg.  When he sees it at first, he doesn’t believe it, he thinks it might be a trick.  So he takes the golden egg to get valuated, and sure enough it confirms the egg is in fact gold and worth money.

Then, the next day, the farmer notices there is a nothing golden egg layed by the goose.  And this keeps happening.  The farmer starts to get used to getting a golden egg every day…and then he starts to want more.

So he decides to chop open the goose to get the eggs that he thinks must be inside, only to discover there are no golden eggs in the goose.

What a story, to me I have learned a lot from it.  And its such a simple way to communicate something to someone.