Is timing everything in business?

What is the top priority to consider when starting a business launching a new product or service?

It seems to be the answer is the most important thing in starting is this one thing…

Do something useful for other people

How does one start a business and how does the business keep alive.

I have read lots of books that usually all point to the same concept.

  1. Do something that people want, and that is good for them
  2. Do something that your competition doesn’t do, this brings the customers in

It seems to be that simple.  For anyone starting a business and trying to do the same thing that others are doing it is probably 100 times harder to get customers without the 2 rules mentioned above.

The next part of it is that you need the minimum viable product.

Why is this so important?  It took me a long time to realize this because I like to think big and go for it all and want to have the most amazing product or service possible.  However, while considering the first two rules I have learned to keep in mind that being able to do what your competitors can do, plus one thing that makes you better, and then realizing that the most efficient thing to do is have the one thing you can do better be your selling feature and thing thing you do better does not need to make you 100 times better than your competition, 10 times better is enough.

If someone tries to make a 100 times better product it will likely take a lot longer and consume a huge amount of resources and may result in not having a product of service to sell (because its still in development) and then there is no cash coming in and the company dies.

The alternative is doing something a little better, using less resources and having a product of service to sell.

As the company grows from selling the first mvp, the product or service can be updated to include even more features for customers and this will continue to bring in more customers and offer more stuff to sell existing customers and this is how it grows.

So, I think most people try to accomplish too much too fast (i have done this a lot).  And essentially relaxing and chilling out while taking it one step at a time is the way to master business.

But, don’t take my word for it… take a look around and see if you get this message from billionaires such as Elon Musk…as in the video below:

Make some good people choices

Sometimes I am a bit of a rebel and like to try and do what is not supposed to work.  This works really well when i do the opposite of what people think I should do…provided those people are the ones with the wrong ideas.

This rule of not listening to negative people has proved itself over and over again.  And it has been a bit of a trap for me as sometimes after reading books from people with the right ideas I have also tested some of the stuff they say by doing the opposite and thinking it was fun…yet it only got me a bad result.  So even though it was kinda fun for me to do it as a test…when it was doing the opposite of the good advice it definitely went wrong.

Once you learn to listen to the good/right ideas and do those…things start to become a lot easier in life.  And when it gets real easy…I have to keep reminding myself that it took a long time to get where it was real easy so I shouldn’t get disillusioned cause so much stuff that was hard before is now a piece of cake.

The bottom line…don’t get high on yourself when you get lots of success and then go back to the old ways that didn’t work (even though it might seem funny).

Keep doing the good and right things then when it gets easy find out what it is you need to learn to get even more even though that seems hard.  I will call it leveling up.

This is good

It might seem crazy but there are definitely things that affect us in sooo many ways and most people don’t realize it.

Here is a perfect example of this.  Steve Jobs shared his top 10 songs he listened to.  I will make a bet that if you listen to all the songs it will change your state of mind, have you having different feelings and wanting to do different things then what you did before you listened to the songs.

The game is different than Simon Sinek thinks it is

I recently had a conversation with a friend about how kids are different today then they were 20 years ago.  This is a frequent topic amoung parents.  Is this a millennial thing or just another case of different generations thinking the new generation is doing it all wrong and vice versa.

I think there are somethings that are different and those things are defintely huge differences.  For instance, people make a big deal about tinder being an instant date type thing, however I remember going on mirc (an internet chat room) 20 years ago and that chats resulted in lots of in person dates.  Often these chats involved an exchange of pictures as well.  So, definitely tinder made it more instant to exchange the pic…really it is not that much different.

Where it comes down to the big difference is we are all walking around with what used to be a home computer…but in our pockets.  And this home computer in our pockets is using the infinite game mentality (more about that in the video).  So at any time we are bored we just pull a computer out of our pocket with an infinite amount of entertainment, movies, games etc.  We now have this at our disposal whenever we want and wherever we are.

The pocket computer is changing how we do many things things and made us capable of working remotely…dating remotely…banking remotely etc.  And I have to admit that I am liking using an app to order something to have it ready when I arrive so that I don’t have to wait in line, or wait for them to make it and also I get to skip saying no to an upsell attempt by a cashier.  So I can get on with what I am doing with less distractions because of my pocket computer.

At the same time there are also things being pumped into my pocket computer and trying to get my attention and keep me distracted all day.  In fact, I could literally be distracted on my phone all day very easily.

So, more than anything, the pocket computer gives us lots of potential power and also the potential to loose power and people have to get used to dealing with it…or better yet… learning how to keep their power by saying no to many requests for our attention which inevitably are just distractions and a waste of our time.

If I was to go to starbucks and interac with the cashier I would likely enjoy the interaction except…they don’t know me and are going to be doing the customer service thing the company promotes which ends up seeming really fake after a 20 times.  So, I would rather use the app, cause it keeps it real.

It could very well be that so much of the new stuff in business is all about interacting online that our skillset is moving into that more and more and we are skipping the real world interactions just because thats were business is going.

So, to Simon Sineks point…I see some merit in what he is talking about with the millennials, however, if the same millennials started documenting their lives and their journey and share it with their other millennial buddys this would likely turn into a growth thing all by itself.  And these people might actually have a business developed out of it in the same way Simon himself has.

I disagree with Simon on parts of this issue… cause it is likely that the leaders that are baby boomers are not fully utilizing Facebook and instagram themselves to lead the millennials, and that is a big miss on the leaderships part…and to prove this point more…their are plenty of millennials who are leading using instagram.



6 Keys to peace in relationships

I have become a follower of Rick Warren.  He is a Pastor with a lot of youtube videos of his sermons.  When every I am going through something there seems to be one of his Sermons for it.

As I have been on the search for something different in life and to have more balance I am studying a lot.  And then putting into practice what I have learned…which isn’t always so easy…but its worth the work.

Below is a video about the 6 keys to peace in relationships.

The 6 steps:

  1. Integrity – Integrity is the shield in your life
  2. Wisdom is peace loving – Wise people are peace makers not trouble makers (fools love to fight)
  3. I won’t minimize your feelings
  4. I wont criticize your suggestions
  5. I wont empathize your mistakes
  6. I wont disguise my intentions

Buy a happy meal and get a ____________

This is a pretty surprising thing.  Sooo many times I have heard and read things like:

Rich people read books, the most successful people read books, the best way to build your focus muscle is to read books etc etc.   And then I open up youtube and find this:

Yes, that is right… now at your local mcdonalds you can buy a happy meal for your kid and have the option to get a toy or a book with it.  Wow.

At least McD’s is trying to do some good, and giving people the option.  It will be fascinating to see how long this lasts.  And it is fascinating to see the amount of money being spent to advertise such a thing.

Anyhow, back to what is going on this Saturday morning.  I have been taking a look at Tai Lopez’s social media marketing program and am ready to jump in, however I have some major projects to work on and time is tight for a month, so I am going to have to wait until then.  The biggest thing I get out of watching the videos so far is a bunch of inspiration and a reminder that social media is still where its at…even though some old school people will not believe it…at least its not completely mainstream enough for them to accept it…and this is an advantage to the believers.

I have thought a lot about a pricing structure for a SMMA and here is a pretty good video about how one company does it:

This is pretty slick, how they have it set up and it also seems like this agency focuses on promoting restaurants and bars.  If you have ever wondered about a pricing framework for your social media services check out the video above.


Emotional Intelligence…yep

There seems to be a really important key to success that is not taught in school.  There could be a lot of reasons for this to happen, by does that really matter…or is it any different than many of the other reasons that things seem to happen a certain way in life.

Here it is…take a look and it might change something in your life… or get you started on a different path.  In many ways this concept of emotional intelligence and how it impacts all of us is fascinating to me as I have been a stressed out business owner before and been a real jerk to people because of it and I have also seen other business owners deal with a lot of stress and might not be certain about why it is stressing them out or what type of effect it has on them and their lives.

At the time of writing this post, for some reason this emotional intelligence is really bringing a lot of stuff together.  However, lately almost every time I read a book or getting into a new author the messages all seem to be the same or fit together to make a greater life as a whole.

This skill, should not be overlooked.

The 80 Twenty Rules and Thinking Fast and Slow

Yesterday I watched a Tai Lopez youtube video and he was at some amusement park and a random guy started talking to him.  Near the end of their conversation the guy mentioned he was reading a book call Think Fast and Slow.  Tai also highly recommended it so I took a look and found a bunch of videos on youtube about the book and the author.

So here is a video of a google talk the author did:

Its kind of interesting and this dude has one a nobel prize… and he is a psychologist but one a nobel prize in economics.  To me, that means this dude is on to something.  And I suppose that some dude that has one a nobel prize in economics might write a good book.

I haven’t read the book yet…but it is likely to be the next one I read.