The 50th Law – Robert Greene

I have recently been turned on to Robert Greene as he has an interesting story and how his book the 48 laws of power came about intrigued me.  And, who ever thought this would happen, be partnered with 50 cent to write the 50th law.

Here is a slick video about the book:

First test results post 007

It is a rainy day outside so I took a look at the stats for my first facebook ad test using clickbank.  So far, the facebook ad, has managed to bring in 23+ link clicks for about $46 USD.  So of course the next step is to see if there are any sales… the stats show 52 hops (or clicks to the page) and 1 order form impression.

So this has a bunch of messages to me.

First, using essentially cold traffic from a facebook ad is a pretty tough sell.  The landing page I am using is a pretty well developed sales page with an immediate sales video that is pretty convincing.   As far as landing pages go, I am pretty sure it is at the top of the list for a good performing sales page.

Warming people up… the problem here is probably in warming people up to a product or service…or simply in providing them with more info and building the relationship with the customer is another way to put it.

So, I think I am going to jump back to Ed Dales book about doing this type of marketing and seeing if there is anything I missed…or maybe I will be able to read into it a little more.

I am definitely now convinced that when a customer first clicks an ad and goes to a product or service that they have not seen before, it will take time before they become comfortable in buying the product or service.

Of course, this makes a lot of sense in how a website like amazon, with a lot of brand recognition has a higher likely hood of someone buying a product or service from it right away.  At the same time, i really think that building the relationship is the key to getting a business up an going and building the client list.  And then, as with many  large businesses, once the client list is so big many of the clients will provide word of mouth advertising for it and by the time it gets big there should be a lot of free content out there to start building the relationship with potential new customers.

At this time, I have turned of the facebook ads and am going to reflect on the test for a day or two.  There is also the potential of sales flowing in later from an email capture for probably at least 30 days.  So, I won’t keep my fingers crossed, but there is a chance for a sale to two to come out of the test.

And, I have to admit, that many times its convincing to watch a marketing guru video and believe its easy to get the quick results…however there definitely seems to be a very specific way to market something well and have it work easily.  Getting to that easy point most likely takes a lot of time, skill, experience and testing.

This has really taken me to a whole new understanding of how important it is to build good relationships, especially by providing free information in the form of blog posts and videos.

Also today, I was asked to help add on to a website for a local business and am very happy that there is already a lot of content established and a current customer base.  With this task I will be doing a lot of taking the “real world” and taking it into the digital world via blog posts, videos and images.

Day 006 – Checking up on results

Here it is, the Monday of a long weekend and I hop onto facebook to check my facebook ads.  Since yesterday… only one more click is showing on the facebook ad stats.  I will let the ad run some more, as I want to see at least 20 clicks before I am seriously debating whether or not to continue running the ad, fine tune the ad or change it up and send the visitors to a website I have created and see if I can capture email addresses and build a list myself.

On a side note… I am keeping myself focused in a certain direction by watching a few youtube videos and am likely going to continue reading the Mastery book by Robert Greene.

So, one of the people I like to watch is Oprah (even though some people will laugh at me for it).  Today I am taking in a video with Oprah and Brene Brown.  I got onto Brene Brown from her video about the anatomy of trust.

There seems to be some things in life…both personal and business that can be tough, and I like to see how others, that are successful, deal with certain types of situations.  As you can see from the above video, even after 25 years of success, starting a network was a very hard thing for Oprah to do.  I find it very interesting to hear her talk about it and how she got through it and what she did.



It is live – Day 005

Today is a Sunday…its 8:32 AM my time and I could not resist checking the facebook ad stats to see if the ad started rolling yet.  So I openned up a browser went on facebook, got a little distracted by peoples birthdays and a few other weird posts (like some people I know in a drive thru) then I looked in the right column to see this:

So there we go… about $2.50 per click.  This means I need to generate more than that in return to have something that will be a profit generator.

I am in Canada, so the per click rate converts to $1.85 USD.  The vendor provides some stats from its own actual sales with 3 different sources of traffic, which the vendor states on their website are from affiliates they tested with over a 2 week period.  Below are the stats:

$3.51 USD per hop, 14 hops per order
$2.89 USD per hop, 16 hops per order
$5.45 USD per hop, 8 hops per order

So, to be on the safe side of things (until i get my own actual results) I am going to look at the lowest performer, the $2.89 per hop (hop meaning click to the site).  And because the sales sometimes are random (not every 16 hops will result in a sale, sometimes it will be 2 or 3 in 16 and then it might be 1 in 50 hops) I am seeing it as important to triple the number of hops required to make the first sale as part of the test.  So this would mean that I should expect to pay 48 hops x $1.85 = $88.80.  This would give me a realistic (and proven by my own numbers) test result.

The idea here though is to only spend $20 on a test.  However, $20 will only give me 10 clicks from facebook.  And, if I am lucky and get 1 order in 10 hops then I will be super happy…but I don’t think that is likely.

The second consideration

The product I am promoting has a very well put together marketing funnel.  Essentially there are 8 products that is sells in the funnel.  The commission rate is 75% or more on all the products.  And in clickbank the stats provided by clickbank show the average sale is $49 so the average commission is around $37.  So another way to look at it is simply that I need to spend less than $37 on ads to get the sale.  This almost seems like gambling.  I guess it is, except that I will be able to define where the ads are showing up, the group of people they show up for, the time of day etc etc.  So there is the possibility that I could narrow the demographics and then get a pretty consistent result.

This also makes me realize that there are likely products that sell well on facebook and finding the right one could be all it takes.  So, looking at it a little differently I am simply matching people with a product.  If I pick the right product and the right people the sales *should* happen.  And then I am essentially just getting paid to match people with products and services.  The better I get at it the more I will make.

And another consideration is that I have heard a lot from high level marketers about the days when google ads were like $0.05 per click.  I remember when google ads first came out…and now I can see why the marketers loved it so much…then would have been able to get 20 hops for this product for $1.  Better yet, they would have got 400 hops for this product for $20 and according to the stats from the vendor, even a 20 to 1 ratio (hops to sales) it would have resulted in about $750 in affiliate commissions.  So it would be like multiplying your money by a factor of 37 day in and day out.  They must have made a very large amount of money in these days.

Annnnnnd… take this a step further…any time there is a new platform that people are starting to flock too…the platform will eventually roll out an advertising program and I bet that most times the ad rates are very low in the beginning and this is a huge opportunity for marketers to make some quick cash.

Day 004 – Test started

After taking a week or so away from it…i decided on a market and put up a facebook ad to test.  I took a look at click bank and picked one of the top products in a category, checked out the tools provided by the vendor, then went to facebook and set up a campaign targeting the demographics that were indicated as the best for the product by the vendor.

Tomorrow I will take a look and see how the test turned out.  And I am pretty interested in seeing if the test worked out with a positive result or if it was a money looser.  Either way, I have prepared myself by expecting a money loss as the result and am feeling like it was an accomplishment to risk the money on a small test…simply to see if it worked or not.

I have a few other markets that I am considering testing as well as my back up plan.



Consistency or duration? How to get more power

I watched another Tai Lopez video which he talks about how some guy said that he does not fear the guy that practiced 1,000 kicks in a day, he fears the guy that practices one kick for 1,000 days.

And Tai also talks about how working out 30 minutes a day for 16 days will do more for you that working out for 8 hours in one day.

Everything in life seems to grow like this.  There is a sort of exponential growth curve with almost everything in life….financial success, career success, relationship success.

Most people have a hard time understanding this effect.  If someone starts to work out it will be very hard at first to stay in a consistent daily routine.  But once that routine is established over a month or so…it starts to become a part of normal life.  And then, hopefully, the person working out 5 days a week does not give up the routine or risks loosing the momentum gained and simply loosing the habit.

The same can be said for a career.  Typically everyone starts at the bottom…or even if you enter near the top, there is still a sort of curve that starts because you have to get to know everyone and everyone has to get to know you etc.

Except, there may be short cuts to some of this, sort of.  Its more like a way to increase the exponential growth instead of limiting it.  The best example of this is someone that is really good at say marketing and makes a lot of videos about it and tells there story.  Then this person is reaching a lot of people and they sorta get to know the person.  Then when they actually meet face to face they can skip the getting to know the new guy routine and get rolling, because this person is already a commonly accepted guru or expert in the field.

The same things happen with relationships as well, friendships, family and romantic relationships as well.  All those people posting things on facebook and instagram are essentially using tools to tell their story to a lot of people, to keep them in their loop sort of thing.

One of the guys that made it on youtube (Casey Neistat) said he has started to realize there are two things in life… work and family.  I definitely agree that things in life can be put into those two categories.  Funny thing is he said he thinks he was work figured out but not family.  Yet he probably has family figured out…he just doesn’t know it.

Anyhow the point to this post is that there are many tools out there to get peoples attention.  And getting peoples attention is one of the 48 laws of power.  So don’t be scared to use it, or think its dumb.  Its a tool, that like anything else…if you get good at using it and master it…you could get a huge amount of attention and that also means you get a lot of power.

That’s just one of the ways life works… a lot of it is simply who has more power….so, if you want more…take a look at the 48 laws of power and go get some more.

Take a look at the video below:


Get out of the cage

Every single day its important to stay focused and getting on with getting on.

There is a lot to learn about ourselves and getting on sometimes requires some work.

The Rich20Something Book – aka Ditch Your Day Job

Over the last few days I read a book.  It was a totally random selection where I was in the bookstore and simply took about 15 seconds to select a book to read in the entrepreneur section.

For some reason I picked the Rich 20 Something book.  It turns out that the author of the book is also the one that started the instagram account think grow prosper…which…simply by chance…I had already become a follower of on my instagram account.

The book starts off as an easy read and there are many chapters that support the entrepreneur mindset and it seems to be very good advice.  The kind of stuff that every entrepreneur needs to keep themselves surrounded with as many of the people in our lives do not see life the same way…and that is not a positive effect on the entrepreneur.

The book brought back my entrepreneurial spirit, gave me some insightful impulses and a few new ideas.  As well it laid out a template to follow for achieving online success that anyone could use.

For me personally, the section about networking was an important one.  As I have had the temptation to build a business network in my city however was skeptical about doing it as it would take time and some work, and would it actually be successful?  Who knows…i have been to other business networking events only to find a lot of people who were just starting out their businesses which made it not likely to have a mutually beneficial business relationship.

Reading it in the book, that is reading the importance of a network of influences was something that I was glad to hear again.  And seeing how it helped out Daniel Dipiazza was enlightening.  It helps to keep being a believer when you hear about it happenning to other people as well.  As always…keeping the faith is important.   And as the book think and grow rich preaches…Desire and Faith (Love) is the driving force behind anything that is accomplished.  And its good!

I will keep think and grow rich at the top of my list for business success books.  And I will put Rich 20 Something at the top of my list for people that want to make it online, especially for young people and even more for older ones…cause it is part of the new game…using technology.

After reading the Rich 20 Something book…i am tempted to start a rich 40 something website, however this will go on my kanban board…cause it is already getting pretty full lol.

Day 003 – Sort of – Did I freeze?

Here I am a few days after writing the post Day 002.  Somehow I got off track and discussed some things in life with a person who was not on the same track as me and I either got frustrated with the conversation with the person or did it deliberately to avoid pulling the trigger on the next step for the challenge.

This is alright, I am seeing this as an obstacle  (for more details about this check out “the obstacle is the way”).  So either I need to avoid the person that got me off track or I need to figure out a way to get myself to pull the trigger on the next step.

According to Ed Dale and the Kolbe personality type indicators, some people have a difficult time pulling the  trigger.  Apparently it is a natural thing for certain personality types.  The trick or strategy to be able to pull the trigger is what I need to discover or just accept that this is how I am and use a tool to get me to pull the trigger.

I am sure…the answer is out there.  And it is probably in Ed Dales book and I need to stop being so stubborn and actually listen to the advice he puts out and follow it so that I easily move to the next step.

Write now I am watching a youtube ( Steve Jobs How to start a business) video while writing this post to get my mind going on starting and building a business.  There seems to be a reoccuring theme in the advice from many successful people including Jobs and even Will Smith as seen is this youtube video:

The message from both of these, to me, is that yes we have this grand vision a having built something very very big…however it all starts with one small step and if it takes 5 years to build something great…it is taking a lot of small steps each day over the 5 years to get there.  And to be able to do it, we have to have the long term goal in mind, however have complete focus on the one small step in front of us.

I am pretty sure that it is what discourages most people from quitting their jobs and pursuing their dreams.  The huge amount of work ahead, the risk of it all the possible stressful situations to deal with etc etc etc.

But all of the stuff that may or may not happen in the future is only a distraction from doing what could be done now.  Many situations that require decisions (or crap to deal with) will only come up when they come up.  It is becoming more obvious every day that many of the imagined issues to deal with aren’t actually going to happen and of course their will be things that come up that won’t be fun, but there will also be things that come up that are a lot of fun.

I am believing that part of the journey is enjoying the good stuff and dealing with the bad stuff and also realizing the bad stuff isn’t really bad.  Its just part of the process.

Getting back to being in the right situation and around the right people to get things done.  I am currently in a room trying to focus on writing this post and I am getting into “flow” mode however I have another person in the next room who every once in a while makes a loud verbal noise that takes my focus away from writing this post.  Then, when they receive messages on their phone they have the ringer turned up so loud that it also grabs my attention.  And this all happens a lot and this person is around a lot.

I want to make the most of my time today and having some loud noises every 5 minutes that are distracting me is going to frustrate the heck out me cause it is interrupting me on my mission.

It is 8:53 am and I am already annoyed at the distractions instead of enjoying my flow state on doing what I want and love to do.  In my opinion the other person needs to look elsewhere to get attention and learn to be less of an interrupter of other peoples peace, and realize there is time to get attention and time to do activities that provide durable fulfillment.

That might seem like a rant, but hopefully it sheds some light on the challenges, even though it seems like a small thing, is actually a huge thing when it is slowing me down and when it happens every day.  I imagine this happens to all of us on a daily basis too.

So, to be able to work on building my deal.  I have to strategize a way to be able to have total peace and quiet when I want it for my flow state.  The best option is either to put on the music (even though this is another type of distraction however better than the alternative) or simple go somewhere else that will provide me with the peace and quiet I want right now.

I can say this for sure… i am tired of people that need attention trying to get my attention to fulfill there needs while using up my energy and time on them.  There has to be limits to this and awareness of what other people need and the ability to cooperate as a team to be able to have both people achieve what they want to achieve.

So, as I sit down and try to get myself into building the third brick in my wall (referencing the will smith video)  I am already annoyed and discouraged and feeling interrupted.  It would not be smart for me to let this get to me… I need to take action and change my location to be able to accomplish what I want to accomplish today.

While I am letting this rip, I also have to say that for some reason I have had a couple people ask me so many questions that I am pretty much sick and tired of being asked questions.  So this is another thing on my list is to stay away from people that are always asking questions instead of having a conversation and also I am tired of people that think out loud as apposed to thinking and then expressing their thoughts in a good way.  Apparently this is a skill that not everyone has…or I just keep putting myself in situations with people that do this stuff lol.  Either way… this is about me moving forward so I can’t just sit here and whine about it…I have to take action.  And at the same time if you are in a similar situation I hope you take action to create or be in an environment that is best for you as well.

Back to the Steve Jobs video…wow what a great example of how to have a team meeting, keep people on the right track to achieving the vision and the challenges people on a team have and the challenges the leader of a team has.  The amount of time and work Steve put into that one meeting is a lot.  After listening to each persons perspective on the challenge ahead they are also communicating where they are in terms of being able to overcome an obstacle or whether or not they are pointed up for pointed down.

Now…back to the challenge lol.  I am going to pick up Ed Dales book again and get into it.

A few hours later… i took a big break and went to indigo, got a Grande white chocolate mocha and went continued reading a book by the rich20something creator.  It definitely got my mind back into a positive space and reinforced many of my beliefs about achieving success and got my mind away from being around people that are not positive.

Then I was pretty set on going home but changed my mind and started reading think and grow rich…which got me further inspired to continue on in the pursuit of success and also to write this blog post and also get into Ed Dales book at the kanban method of planning.  The kanban thing seems to help entrepreneurs with “time management”.  To be more precise, it is becoming more obvious to me that entrepreneurs don’t do task lists…then have a different priorities settings and accomplishing method that most of the entrepreneurs I have met do.  Everything seems to get loaded into the entrepreneurs brain and then when there is time to do something essentially the highest value and most urgent task (or project) comes out and gets done.

All this keeping everything in ones head causes a lot of mental capacity and energy to be consumed.  So getting it out of the brain and onto paper or a wall or an app is of the utmost importance to free up the brain.  So I realize I need to do this cause sometimes I myself get a little frustrated (pissy might be a better word) and really its just that my brain is full, or I am emotionally or mentally exhausted or I have some projects that I have not completed yet and I have to get them done and it starts to eat away at me every day.  And the longer I but it off the worse it gets cause its always on my mind.  So, getting as much out of my brain and into a kanban app is my top priority right now and then getting on with the next most important task is also super important.

So I spent 50 minutes and dumped everything out of my brain and into a list in notepad (cause it was quickest to do.  And now I have to take that mist and get it into the kanban board.  I am going to try

Here is a demo of how it works: